Call of Duty: Black Ops III Awakening DLC review: Zombies bids goodbye to Goldblum et al

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Awakening

Score: 8.0/10 
Platform: PlayStation 4 (reviewed); entrance in one month to additional platforms
Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Release: February 2, 2015

With Activision final year choosing to make PlayStation a elite height for a blockbuster troops shooter series, a initial downloadable calm container for Call of Duty: Black Ops III – dubbed Awakening – launched this week exclusively on PlayStation 4 (it’s entrance to other platforms a month later).

The initial of 4 designed drops for 2016, it follows a franchise’s determined regulation for DLC, giving players 4 new multiplayer maps and a uninformed section for a fan favourite Zombies mode. No new modes or facilities to pronounce of, yet distinct a bottom diversion a cost of a DLC hasn’t risen due to Canada’s diseased dollar: It’s still $15 for any pack, or $50 for all 4 if we squeeze them together as partial of the deteriorate pass.

I spent a full night apropos informed with a party of new multiplayer maps – that have been incorporated into existing multiplayer playlists rather than being given a DLC playlist of their possess (good for folks who wish all of their maps in one list, bad for people who wish to get true to a new ones) – and removing as distant along as we could into a frighteningly severe new Zombies chapter.


Three of a 4 maps are usually plain terrific.

Splash – set in a illusory H2O thesis park called Hydro World – is charming and cunningly designed. The primary kill section in a centre of a map can be accessed in a accumulation of ways, including brightly pigmented H2O tubes, a hut, a integrate of buildings, and a pool with submerged tunnels that lets players make strategic use of Black Ops III‘s swimming feature. Smaller skirmishes are waged on possibly side of the killing heart via a shoal idle stream and on a wooden dock. It’s a good map for middle operation weapons, yet there are also a integrate of good places for snipers to set adult shop. My usually beef came when an competition glitched his approach into a wall, a tip of his purloin poking out to collect off untimely enemies. Hopefully that’ll be bound quickly.

I also utterly favourite Skyjacked, a classical mixed line map set on Black Ops III‘s chronicle of a SHIELD helicarrier, finish with a overwhelming scenery of a unconventional city below. You can pierce along a categorical rug and a buildings, transport by tunnels next deck, wall-run along a outdoor hull, or set adult stay during one finish of a boat. It heavily favours teamwork; environment adult defenses along a stern, my organisation was means to simply collect off particular rivalry for half a match. Once a rivalry figured out a strategy we switched to relocating as a organisation adult and afterwards behind down a length of a boat in one or dual lanes. 



Enjoyable for opposite reasons is Gauntlet, an environment-themed weapons training trickery where simply relocating by a pathway will take we from wet jungle to arctic glaciers or into a stormy petrify allies of a city. It’s a bit discombobulating during first, yet it’s some-more than usually a gimmick. The blueprint provides good event for wall using and upholder jumps in a snowy area, long sight lines in a civic zone, and event to censor and waylay in a jungle. It creates for an heterogeneous brew that favours players able of switching adult play styles on a fly.

The new map that isn’t doing most for me, though, is Rise. It’s a snowy, grey construction section though most personality. Just open areas with shipping containers, interior areas with staircases and windows, and a pool set to one side. It competence be a best of a 4 for players who foster straight strategy – we was killed many a time by players camping atop those shipping crates or using along a extraneous wall of a trickery – yet it wasn’t for me.


But if you’re like me it’s a captivate of new undead adventures that unequivocally creates Call of Duty DLC value some excitement.

Awakening‘s uninformed Zombies section – dubbed Der Eisendrache and set in an ancient and foresight Austrian palace doubling as a Nazi investigate trickery – is both pleasant and a small disappointing.

Like flattering most any Zombies section it can seem excruciatingly formidable during initial as we solemnly figure out how to open doors and energy adult consoles, fighting hordes of super discerning zombies, bursting dogs, and other nightmarish entities all a while.

But then, as we rise a clarity of a chapter’s blueprint and file your ability to say 360-degree recognition (that’s always my biggest jump when personification Zombies), you’ll start durability an additional turn or dual with any new match. Having a contingent of high-level and gifted teammates to assistance out doesn’t hurt, either. It’s fun, challenging, and rewarding.

But while a movement feels most like a Zombies section that shipped with Black Ops III – finish with a uninformed collection of unlockable Gobblegum power-ups that consult proxy bonuses – it is, unfortunately, lacking that initial adventure’s expel of celebrity-voiced characters. No Jeff Goldblum as an violent magician, no Ron Perlman as an ethically challenged pugilist, no Heather Graham as a gun-toting temptress.

Instead, a story falls behind on Treyarch’s informed Zombies cast, including all-American Corporal Tank Dempsey, loony German Doctor Edward Richtofen, soft-spoken Captain Takeo Masaki, and none-too-subtle Russian Sargeant Nikolai Belinski. Taking on a roles of these charming fellows feels like putting on an aged span of shoes; they’re comfortable, yet doubtful to wow anyone. The memorable philharmonic that comes with examination a practical zombie sport Jeff Goldblum declaim lines a definition of that are clearly mislaid upon the actor is, sadly, missing. 

But regardless of how one happens to feel about a expel switch, Awakening still creates for a flattering appealing bit of DLC for anyone who’s still personification – and would like to keep personification – Call of Duty: Black Ops III. If destiny DLC drops keep pace, deteriorate pass holders should feel like they’re removing their money’s worth.

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