Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 refurbish brings behind Safeguard, adds 2 new map variants

Treyarch has rolled out a new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 refurbish overnight that brings behind a diversion mode from Black Ops 3, and adds dual new map variants.

The Nov 27 refurbish for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, accessible now on all platforms, adds Seaside Sunset, and Firing Range Night maps. If we haven’t guessed from their names, these are variants of existent multiplayer maps that underline large changes to their continue and time of day.

The dual maps join a existent register for players on all platforms. Safeguard, a multiplayer mode from Black Ops 3, was also combined as partial of this update. Available exclusively on PS4 for a week, a mode is unvaried from Black Ops 3, many quite featuring a drudge players will have to escort.

The Bowie knife, that PS4 players have been means to find in Blackout stashes for a week, has now done a approach onto other platforms. The blade is a one-hit kill. Character clear missions for Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen have returned, yet usually on PS4.

Likewise, PS4 players will once again have a possibility to quarrel a Blightfather in Blackout, and Treyarch readjusted a boss’ health in solos and duos.

Finally, Zombies mode got even some-more fortitude fixes, quite on a map 9. Check out a full change record below.


-Specialist Headquarters

  • Improved Torque educational goal scripting

-After Action Report

  • After Action Report in Multiplayer and Blackout will now arrangement all warranted Tier Rewards and concede a actor to corkscrew by a Tier Rewards menu.



  • Featured Playlist altered to Safeguard (PS4) / Hardcore Mercenary Moshpit (Xbox One and PC).
  • Hardcore Nuketown combined to Featured category.
  • Chaos Hardpoint combined to Featured difficulty (6v6, pointless HP spawns, measure extent 1000).
  • Mercenary Objective Moshpit combined to Featured difficulty (5v5, Domination, Hardpoint, Control, Search Destroy, Heist).


  • Added Seaside Sunset and Firing Range Night to all playlists.
  • Closed exploits in Nuketown that authorised Ruin to fastener outward of a map.
  • Resolved an emanate where a scoreboard would peep on shade after finale a diversion on Nuketown.
  • Resolved an emanate on Summit that authorised Care Packages deployed on a ramp in a eastern partial of a map to float.


  • Resolved an emanate that private an connection from weapons with limit attachments and a Clan Tag or Kill Counter equipped.


  • Tactical Mask Challenge now scrupulously marks kills while an rivalry Counter UAV is active.



  • Bowie Knife now accessible in Equipment Stashes, as a pointless dump from murdering Zombies, and as a randomised object parent in Zombies-themed locations on all platforms.

-Character missions

  • Zombies Origins Character Missions (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen) now accessible to find and finish (PS4).


  • Blightfather eventuality enabled in all playlists (PS4).
  • Reduced a health of a Blightfather in Solo and Duo playlists.



  • Resolved an emanate where shifting underneath a Blade Trap but holding repairs would not minister to another player’s challenge.


  • Fixed a pile-up that could start spasmodic when regulating Anywhere But Here.
  • Fixed a singular pile-up that could start when a actor away while another actor was downed.
  • Fixed a singular pile-up that could start when a actor away during Fast Travel.
  • Fixed a pile-up that could start when murdering enemies with traps in IX.
  • Fixed additional crashes associated to a actor assisting another with hurdles in IX.

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