‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Sales Not Affected By Lack of Single Player Campaign

There were some concerns with a initial exhibit of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 progressing this year, when it was remarkable that a diversion wouldn’t come with a normal singular actor campaign, instead replacing it with a new Blackout Battle Royale mode. But apparently all that regard was for naught, as a game’s sales have left by a roof.

We reported progressing this week that a NPD Group’s numbers uncover that Black Ops 4 dominated a month of October, followed (closely) behind by Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption II. But a organisation went into fact as to usually how successful Activision’s supplement has become, even though singular actor content.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launch month dollar sales paint a eighth top in videogame story given The NPD Group began tracking in 1995,” a organisation remarkable in a report. “Black Ops 4 now becomes a best-selling diversion of a year, and a second best-selling diversion opposite a past twelve month period, trailing usually Call of Duty: WWII.”

Furthermore, Mat Piscatella, who works with a group, elaborated a small serve on Black Ops 4 in a tweet, observant that a game’s calm wasn’t harm “in a slightest” by a miss of a campaign.

We don’t have all a accurate sales total yet, though it’s looking like Black Ops 4 will have no difficulty figure out a possess niche this holiday season, even in a face of extreme foe like Red Dead, as good as Fallout 76 and Battlefield V. We’ll expected hear some-more about how a diversion performs following a month of December.

But we do know that it’s a strike on both consoles and PC alike, that is good news all around for Activision. In a prior report, a publisher remarkable that sales of a PC chronicle were 3 times aloft than how Black Ops III achieved behind in 2015. Again, no accurate numbers, though we’ll find out some-more in a weeks ahead.


For a time being, a diversion does have a lot to offer, quite if you’ve got a good group to behind we adult in multiplayer action. You can check out Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

(Hat tip to Gamasutra for a scoop!)

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