Call of Duty 2020: Everything we know about Treyarch’s Black Ops reboot

With a 2020 installment of Call of Duty now on a horizon, we mangle down all we know so distant about a arriving FPS title, from setting, developers, zombies, multiplayer and more. 

CoD 2020 setting

First off, we’ll understanding with a growth group and rumored setting, given a dual are radically intertwined. Despite Call of Duty’s three-year-cycle suggesting it is a spin of Sledgehammer Games, it has been confirmed that a plan was handed to maestro CoD developers Treyarch, off a behind of unknown issues during Sledgehammer and Raven Software.


Following on from this, it has been all though reliable that a diversion will be set in a Cold War. This creates clarity off a behind of a Treyarch grown Black Ops series, a initial of that is set in a Cold War. While a diversion is not set to be a supplement to any of a Black Ops series, it is pronounced to tie into a array as a “soft reboot”.

Black Ops Cold War, or only Black Ops?

The game’s name is not confirmed, though early leaks have indicated that a working pretension is ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’. However, in a weeks that followed, the name ‘Black Ops’ has emerged. This would follow a pretension regulation of 2019’s Modern Warfare, that copies a names of a 2007 pretension that started a MW series.


The links to a Black Ops array seem to be hinted during in Modern Warfare, with deconstructed RC-XDs found in a Warzone map. The RC-XD is a kill-streak that has featured, in some form, in each singular Black Ops diversion to date.

Infinity Ward/Twitter: notyumei

The deconstructed RC-XD in Warzone.


Given a odds of a game’s environment in a Cold War, it stands to reason that a debate will also fit into this narrative. The many quarrelsome dispute in a Cold War was a Vietnam War, that a diversion might revisit from an American perspective, as it was in a strange Black Ops.

Other options embody a Korean War or a Soviet-Afghan fight but, given a bent of Call of Duty to etch American protagonists and Treyarch’s past campaigns, it positively seems many expected that a diversion will concentration on a Vietnam War. We will maybe see a growth Black Ops section placed into Vietnam.


The name ‘Call of Duty: Vietnam’ indeed flush as an early intensity title, though rumors have given changed divided from this. The setting, however, stays distinguished in a array of leaks.


Details about a subsequent Call of Duty’s Zombies mode are a many scarce. In fact, it is not even guaranteed that a diversion will have an undead mode. While it has turn something of a tack of Treyarch games, other studios’ titles have had Zombies mode, though afterwards changed divided from it.

Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare reverted behind to a Special Ops mode, a initial given Modern Warfare 3.

Further questions have been lifted about CoD 2020 and a intensity Zombies storyline. Jason Blundell, one of a pioneers behind a mode, left Treyarch behind in February. Similarly, Lee Ross, who transitioned over to Treyarch from Infinity Ward following Infinite Warfare, also confirmed his depart from Call of Duty in early-May.


One of a few things we have listened about CoD 2020’s Zombies is that Black Ops II map TranZit looks expected to return, with a finished remaster allegedly being found in diversion files. This will expected be accompanied by some new maps but, during this point, it’s too early to yield any some-more details.


TranZit was a really renouned Zombies map that featured in 2012’s Black Ops II.


The game’s multiplayer, identical to a campaign, should follow fit and implement Cold War environments. Hence, it appears it will be many identical to a initial Black Ops in terms of aesthetics and weapons.


Settings like a barbarous ‘Jungle’ map seem expected to return.

One of a few things we have had reliable is that there will be no jet-packs in this year’s game. It positively seems apparent now given a rumored setting, though David Vonderhaar indeed reliable this behind in January, before to a dissemination of any rumors.

The RC-XD in Warzone also appears to spirit during scorestreaks of a identical inlet to a initial Black Ops game. Leakers have also suggested that a host of fan favorite scorestreaks from a Black Ops array will return, including Attack Dogs, Napalm Strike, Chopper Gunner, UAV and Counter-UAV.

Infinity Ward

Chopper Gunner is also in this year’s Modern Warfare.

There have also been singular rumors of a ‘pick-10’ create-a-class complement returning, that would reinstate Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith category customization. The ‘pick-10’ complement has been benefaction in Black Ops II, III and IIII. Rumors so distant state that Field Upgrades will return, though there will be no specialists. 

Both TheGamingRevolution and LongSensation explain that a horde of infamous Black Ops maps will be returning in CoD 2020. These embody Nuketown, Summit, Jungle and Firing Range, all of that also done a lapse in Black Ops 4.

Other maps that have leaked embody one named ‘Tank’, and another set on a boat, that will apparently be a really small, three-lane map.

This appears to endorse a rumors further, as all of a maps simply fit in with a Cold War narrative. Some players seem endangered during map exercise but, given a impossibly quick turnaround Treyarch will have to make, remastered fan-favorite maps seem an karma to strength out a game.

Battle Royale?

Call of Duty developers have already commented that Warzone will sojourn a consistent via a subsequent few years, acting as a “thread” to couple a opposite games together.

These links seem to have been cemented by YouTuber TheXclusiveAce, who settled that Warzone will be a categorical conflict royale in CoD 2020. This appears to have quashed rumors that Black Ops 4’s Blackout would make a suggestive return.

CoD 2020 Release Date Teasers

Currently, there is no reliable exhibit or recover date for Call of Duty 2020. Black Ops 4 was expelled behind in Oct of 2018, though Treyarch had an additional year to rise that diversion given of Sledgehammer’s WWII.

Black Ops 4’s initial teasers seemed in March.

Activision have formerly settled that a diversion has incurred no delays and is still set for an Autumnal release, though new rumors have expel doubt on this, and suggested we could see a delay.

We are still watchful for the initial central teasers per CoD 2020. June, with no information, is unheard of in CoD terms.

That rounds adult all we know about Call of Duty 2020 so far! We will continue to refurbish we on new developments as they emerge.

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