Call of Duty 2018: Black Ops 4 News, Treyarch rumours for subsequent PS4, Xbox One and PC game

Call of Duty 2018 UPDATE – Feb 11

Black Ops 4, Switch chronicle rumours 

According to new reports, this year’s Call of Duty diversion is going to be a new entrance in a Black Ops array – potentially Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The game, that will be grown by Black Ops maestro studio Treyarch, is rumoured to be in growth for PS4, Xbox One and Switch, with a chronicle in growth for Nintendo Switch, too.

These reports come from contentious attention insider Marcus Sellars – whose lane record is sketchy during best when it comes to leaks, with tools of a trickle being accurate by Eurogamer.

Eurogamer hasn’t been means to determine information about a Nintendo Switch chronicle of a game, though a site’s unnamed, un-linked and also unverified “sources” have reportedly settled that this year’s entrance will be Black Ops 4.

There is no central word from Activision or Treyarch yet, however, so take these reports with a splash of salt.

We’ll have some-more news as it breaks.

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