Breath of a Wild’s Weird Moments Are Some Of The Game’s Finest

Traversing Breath of a Wild’s Hyrule unveils gloomy narratives unspoken by a hull and decimated villages. But it’s not all sorrowful. Some of a game’s many weird tales are told by a bizarre NPCs and locales, and they’re amazing.

It’s loyal there are scary happenings and sidequests in other Zelda titles over a march of a franchise’s 30-year history. 2013’s A Link Between Worlds’ horrible knave incited some of Hyrule’s denizens into paintings. When Twilight Princess’ shade beasts forsaken from a sky and surrounded my Link in 2006, we got shivers any singular time. Then there’s The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask that takes its dim themes and oddities to a whole other level.

Majora’s Mask takes a cake for being gloriously creepy and my gusto for weirdness is partial of a reason since it’s my favorite The Legend of Zelda title. So when Breath of a Wild (sometimes) stepped into rare territory, we was enthralled.


There were many bizarre moments we encountered during my 155 hours in Link’s latest adventure. Some of those were suggestive of Majora’s Mask. Others were singular to Breath of a Wild’s humor. All of them done me giggle or uneasy. Here are some of a best.

The Blood Moon

My eyes widened when we initial encountered a broken red land that accompanied a Breath of a Wild’s blood moon rising. It was a same feeling we had when we frantically played a time travelling records to send Termina behind to emergence of a initial day in Majora’s Mask.

Whereas Majora’s Mask’s moon (that toothy messenger of death!) threatened to vanquish Termina, a blood moon materialisation in Breath of a Wild was a elementary reset of a world—re-spawning hordes and foes to be hurdles and resources. Although it incited out to be unimpressive overall, a distinguished visuals that accompanied it were unsettling.

My initial integrate of blood moons were gifted with no enemies around and within houses. It positively done me abuse when we spent hours perplexing to better a bokoblin stay usually to have a moon move all of those ghouls back. we also didn’t utterly know since Kass’ tabernacle query compulsory Link to be exposed underneath a blood moon for a eventuality to trigger nonetheless okay. Weird.

Kilton and His Monster Wares

Triggering a apart query will lead players to anticipating Kilton, a bizarre businessman with a affinity for beast parts. Harvesting beast tools in Breath of a Wild can assist in Link’s tour by cooking adult stat-boosting elixirs. And if we support to Kilton’s recurrent nature, trade in beast tools can net Link beast rigging and masks. For anyone who has played Majora’s Mask, they’d know masks are critical to a game. we mean, it’s even in a name.

Majora’s masks give Link power-ups with others transforming him from Hylian to a Deku scrub, a Zora, or a Goron. In Breath of a Wild, Kilton’s masks give Link a ability to costume himself and mix in with certain enemies. Of course, when some of your enemies are not so simply fooled, like lynels, a masks’ efficacy are probably non-existent.

But a weirdest impulse we had was when we donned a Lizalfos mask. Imagine my warn when we waltzed into a Lizalfos stay mimicking their transformation and sounds with a facade on, usually to be followed by a extraordinary foes who weren’t utterly certain if we was truly one like them. They cornered me and began beating my face most to my chagrin, introspective my Lizalfos effect by their ambience buds.



Kilton opens adult emporium underneath a cover of darkness, his patchwork balloon emporium suggestive of a colors of Majora’s mask. If that and his choice of things aren’t an apparent curtsy to Majora’s Mask, we don’t know what is.

Bargaining Away Your Life With a Statue in Hateno

When a child in Hateno told me he found something bizarre in a village, we was not available a statue housing a antagonistic suggestion to conflict me. In a crafty diversion pattern automechanic that allows players to trade heart containers for stamina wheels and clamp versa, a statue’s purpose is not so devious. Its wicked bartering and arrangement is though. we could never move myself to use a services after being scarred when we initial detected it. Praying to it felt clearly outrageous given Link does a same to Goddess statues via Hyrule in sequence to accept blessing that will lead to peace. After assembly a immorality statue, we became heedful of a Goddess statues too.


After my initial revisit to Hateno’s grievous statue, we never returned and it stood there behind a mountain available my preference to breach with my earthy strength and morality. That is, until we had to take cinema for this article. we can assure we it was still a harrowing experience.

Oh, Great! Another Cursed Statue in a Hateno Region

To consider we built my residence in Hateno, not usually to that statue wanting to eat my soul, nonetheless nearby adequate to another of a game’s horrifying query locations. Early in a diversion when we was exploring aimlessly one evening, we came opposite a organisation of statues surrounded by cliffs. One of them had intense purple eyes—surely a pointer of evil—and we didn’t nonetheless have a Zelda expertise to start rebellious a puzzle. we forgot about it until mixed hours after and didn’t remember where we had seen it. By afterwards we had a map full of stamps we indispensable to go behind and take a second demeanour at. Eventually we re-discovered a resting ground, station among others like it—quietly watchful for sundown to arrangement a abuse embedded in a hard body.

Hunnie, The Worst Child in All of Hyrule

Demons do not usually live statues or whirl around a tip of Hyrule palace in Breath of a Wild. Sometimes they’re found nestled in a souls of children. One such child was Hunnie, a Tarrey city proprietor whose relatives became endangered when she stopped eating normal food and acquired a ambience usually for Monster cake. It’s as controversial as it sounds. Combining beast tools with sugar, wheat and eggs creates a object and it’s a usually thing that’ll assistance Hunnie from descending into finish despair. The prerogative for saving her life? Sass.


That’s not startling given who her father is:

Don’t Even Think About Stopping To Smell The Flowers

Look, we know there’s a clarity of fulfilment in completing all 120 shrines in Breath of a Wild nonetheless during what cost…to a flowers? Keep off a weed or compensate for it during your life’s expense. This NPC, Magda, is one of my favorites in all of Hyrule since of her farfetched response to Link’s careless “trespassing”. Saving a world? Who cares. The flowers need caring. There might not be flowers if a universe is broken nonetheless we know what? That sounds like Link’s personal problem.


This query is waggish for how it plays out, any shot zooming in on Magda’s mutterings as she goes from 0 to 100 mph. It’s a rave that’s half-expected, nonetheless still manages to come out of nowhere, display that not all of Hyrule is so confirmed in foresight chaos. Magda, a Flower Girl NPC is also an instance of only how horrifying some of Hyrule’s adults are. There are many of them out there in villages, adult in a mountains, on a beaches with Roscoe and sparse via a different land.

The Horse God Is Just…Yeah.

And finally, we didn’t have it in me to harm a equine to see what kind of rage we would catch during a floating, isolated hands of a Horse God. Would he make good on his hazard to eat me? we don’t know and we never will.

What are some of your favorite quests and who are your dear NPCs from Breath of a Wild? I’d adore to hear all about your favorite creepy moments from a diversion or other Zelda entries.

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