Breath of a Wild: Spring of Courage location

If you’re looking for a Spring of Courage in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild, you’re expected doing one of dual things: perplexing to kick Shae Katha shrine for a Serpent’s Jaws tabernacle quest or looking for Farosh a dragon’s location.

In this guide, we’ll assistance we with both.


Spring of Courage location
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The Spring of Courage is located only east of Lake Hylia.

There are several ways to get to it quickly: You can quick transport true from Dueling Peaks Tower and go south, go northwest from Faron Tower or transport northeast from Lake Tower.

If you’re looking for a Spring of Courage to finish a Serpent’s Jaws tabernacle quest, we suggest violence a Qukah Nata shrine as it’ll make your life easier.

And now that we know where a Spring of Courage is, we can kick Shae Katha shrine.

For some-more assistance with this game, check out a Breath of a Wild guide.

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