Breath of a Wild actor walks whole universe quarrel by row; this map is a result

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild is a large diversion with an equally large series of things to find in a rolling hills and low caves. But a biggest scavenger hunt is undoubtedly a Korok Seeds. With 900 to find sparse via a world, many of those who wish to find any and each one will spin to a Korok Seeds plcae guide. Kind of like that one during that unequivocally link.

But not Reddit user J-Ro.

J-Ro posted a map to r/Breath_of_the_Wild display a route of a trail they took by Hyrule as they sought to learn each Korok Seed but consulting a guide. It’s magnificently gratifying only to demeanour at, as good as considerable to consider about.

So how did they do it and keep track? J-Ro says they would symbol off a block area with stamps, afterwards use a intense pin to symbol a initial transport north, transport to it, conduct east, afterwards symbol a finish of a transport south with another intense pin, transport to that, and repeat. Once a block had been filled in, J-Ro would pierce a stamps and start over.

J-Ro writes that a picture is indeed done adult of some-more than one screenshot, stitched together in Photoshop to uncover a clearest lines. That said, this is still from one playthrough, finished to 100%, over a march of some-more than 360 hours. And even with this character of seeking out each Korok Seed, J-Ro finished their tour 4 short, and had to deliberate a beam to find a stragglers. So yeah. Nintendo hid these things unequivocally well.

Bravo, J-Ro. That is some considerable work. For a rest of you… did we discuss we can assistance we find each Korok Seed?

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