‘Breath Of The Wild’ Is Not Reggie Fils-Aimé’s Favorite ‘Zelda’ Game

‘Breath of a Wild’ is not everyone’s favorite ‘Zelda’ game.

For those of us that remember that there were Zelda games before Breath of a Wild, it seems that Reggie Fils-Aimé while a fan of a new diversion prefers something a bit comparison when it comes to a long-running series.

In a new speak Game Informer, Reggie talks about how many he is personification Breath of a Wild and that he has managed to collect around 520 Korok Seeds.

However, when pulpy on possibly a new Switch entrance was his favorite Zelda diversion he had this to say.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to a Past was my favorite Zelda. There’s no doubt that Breath of a Wild is a Switch diversion I’ve put a many time into.

Like Reggie, we too have poured a lot of time into Breath of a Wild and had a good understanding of fun with it. That said, it isn’t a best diversion in a series, that is something we have already talked about during length.

The choice of A Link to a Past is a plain one yet and that diversion is also in my possess personal tip 5 Zelda releases.

Following on from this retro theme, Reggie also hinted that there competence be some skeleton during Nintendo for catering to these forms of games in a future.

We’ve pronounced that, positively for this year, that we would have a NES and SNES Classic accessible during retail. The NES Classic comes behind this month. That’s a concentration right now. In terms of destiny Classic series, we’ll have to set adult a opposite speak to speak about that. Look, we know that a fans adore a bequest content. Being in this business 40 years, we know we have a lot of calm we can warn a consumers with. We’re wakeful of it, and stay tuned. Right now a concentration is lets make certain that we give a consumer that wants NES Classic a possibility to collect it adult again. we trust we’re also going to have a clever holiday with SNES Classic as well.

The “stay tuned” creates me consider this is some-more than only another micro-console along a lines of possibly a NES and SNES Classic Edition.

After all, if Reggie is a fan of A Link to a Past, we might finish adult saying that classical Zelda diversion get a Switch recover during some indicate and that would be great.

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