Breath Of The Wild Gives Players Free Eggs, Promptly Smashes Them

Nintendo has been giving Breath of a Wild players giveaway equipment for reading a Switch’s news feed. It’s a small broken.

On Aug 9th, Nintendo started giving Breath of a Wild players giveaway equipment for reading tips posts in a news feed. If we non-stop a diversion by a couple in a post about boomerangs, say, you’d accept a giveaway boomerang. So distant a giveaway equipment have been flattering simple things that many players can collect adult easily, and a tips are geared towards newer players rather than seasoned Zelda experts. Pretty many standard for a course—Nintendo substantially wasn’t going to give everybody giveaway Master Swords only for reading a blog.


The many new tip was about eggs. If we go in a prohibited open with an egg, you’ll prepare it. Neat! The post afterwards offering adult some giveaway eggs, though it told players to go “somewhere safe” since eggs are fragile. Here’s what happens if we don’t mind this advice:

All equipment parent from a sky, so eggs only mangle on impact. we was low in Akala during a center of a thunderstorm when this happened, and we figured hey, since not pierce from this hilly stone to that soft-looking weed over beyond and try again?

No dice. we could tour nearby and distant to try to figure out what Nintendo means by a “safe place” to accept these giveaway eggs. Or we could only buy some. Think I’m going with a latter.


Update—2:08: Some commenters have forked out that a eggs won’t mangle if we parent them over H2O since they float. we attempted to get my eggs by wading into a pool and afterwards saving a game. When we installed a diversion from a tips post, we was instead on a seaside and dual of a 3 of eggs pennyless on a ground. The third landed in a water, bombard intact.

By a way, don’t eat eggs that boyant in genuine life—they’re substantially rotten.

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