Breaking Down a New ‘Ultra Prism’ Expansion of a Pokemon Trading Card Game

Slide 1/6 – Glaceon-GX
glaceon gx

Glaceon-GX competence be a strongest label in a ‘Ultra Prism’ enlargement due to its “Freezing Gaze” ability. Freezing Gaze prevents an opponent’s GX and EX cards from regulating any of a Abilities. Most decks are built around EX and GX cards, so Glaceon-GX has a ability to totally close down an opponent’s deck, generally if Glaceon-GX can be played early on in a game. 

Glaceon-GX’s dual attacks are also flattering impressive. Frost Bullet dishes out 90 repairs to an opponent’s categorical Pokemon, and 30 to one of a Benched Pokemon. Plus, a Polar Spear-GX conflict is formed on how many repairs counters an competition has, that means that it’s a ideal finisher.

Glaceon-GX’s only genuine downside is a debility opposite Metal-Type attacks, given Metal-Types have gained steam recently in rival play. Still, we can design to see a lot of Glaceon-GX decks in a entrance months.   

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