B&M Releases Pro Ratchet 3 And 4 Speed Automatic Shifter

New from BM – a Pro Ratchet 3 and 4 Speed Automatic Shifter. This arguable and competition proven shifter meets all reserve mandate and facilities a peculiarity CO fiber look. See some-more sum below.

Official Release:

The Pro Ratchet shifter is one of a many renouned and easiest to work competition shifters. Features embody a certain ratcheting pattern with retreat lockout that meets NHRA and IHRA reserve regulations, a backup light switch and a neutral reserve switch along with a unnatural CO fiber wrapped cover. The aluminum cover is hydro-dipped to supplement a high tech demeanour to your vehicles interior during a substanitial cost assets contra a cover done from CO fiber. Other facilities embody a white change doorknob with a BM trademark medallion, a 5ft Super-duty shifter wire and brackets, hardware and designation instructions required for an easy implement on many 3 and 4 speed involuntary transmissions. Some transmissions might need discretionary designation kits.


  • Reverse Lockout Meet NHRA/IHRA Safety Requirements
  • High Quality Carbon Fiber Look but a Cost
  • Super Reliable and Race Proven Shifter Design
  • Includes Super-Duty Race Cable
  • Ratchet Shifter

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