Blue Reflection X Final Fantasy XV Free Crossover DLC Revealed …

Today Gust and Koei Tecmo suggested a crossover DLC between a schoolgirl-driven JRPG Blue Reflection and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XB, that was teased behind in March.

The DLC will be accessible in Japan between Jul 10th, 2017 and Jan 8th, 2018. Considering that it’s Koei Tecmo we’re articulate about, you’ll be astounded to hear that it’s free.

Thanks to a package, protagonist Hinako Shirai will get Aranea Highwind’s armor, while adorned schoolgirl Kaori Mitsui will get Cidney voluptuous outfit. The choice of characters is indeed flattering peculiar, deliberation that Kaori is not a playable character, though Gust and Square Enix substantially went by looks over utility.

In a meanwhile, Blue Reflection is also removing copiousness of paid dress DLCs, including new bikini suggested yesterday, and dual some-more package that have already been launched over a past month or so. You can check out a first and the second.

We recently learned that Blue Reflection will be entrance westwards, and some-more precisely in North America on Sep 26th and in Europe on Sep 29th. It’ll still be expelled on PS4, though it’ll barter a strange PS Vita recover with a some-more western-friendly PC launch.

At a impulse we don’t know how a game’s DLC will be distributed for a western version. If this DLC will be distributed in a west as well, we theory we’ll be means to contend that Final Fantasy XV is entrance to PC… in a way.

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