Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Hero Or Map

It hasn’t been generally prolonged given Overwatch’s final new impression and map were added, yet Blizzard seems to already be teasing what a shooter’s subsequent playable favourite or locale. It’s really all really puzzling for now, yet formed on a teasers expelled in a past, we can design several follow-ups in a entrance days.

This initial teaser is accompanied by a difference “Calm before a storm.” It shows what looks like an alleyway with a accumulation of sprays and posters on a wall. Among these is one of Lucio, one job for rights for Omnics (essentially robots), and another job for “no robots.” It’s probable some dark idea awaits, yet there’s zero that immediately stands out. Check it out for yourself below.

As it stands, Overwatch has a sum of 27 characters. The many new of a garland was Brigitte, a Support impression who can can reanimate teammates, supply a separator shield, and jolt enemies. So far, Blizzard hasn’t given any denote of what to design from a subsequent character, nor do we know when they will be released. As always, though, any new further to a register has a possibility to dramatically shake adult a game, both for infrequent players and on a competitive/Overwatch League side.

We can design new characters for Overwatch to continue to hurl out, as Blizzard doesn’t seem penetrating on relocating on to an Overwatch 2. “What people competence not comprehend is a group now is significantly bigger than what it was when we shipped a game, and we have put all of that into operative on a live diversion and a new maps, heroes, and events like Anniversary,” a studio pronounced recently. “At slightest for a time being, [supporting Overwatch] is the concentration right now, and we’re vehement to work on this game.”

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