Blizzard shows off broadcast-friendly ‘Overwatch’ facilities – Engadget

During a Overwatch World Cup playoffs on Friday and Saturday, viewers will see new group uniforms for any country, finish with home and divided colors that embody heads-up displays and special abilities that are customized to match. It should make it easier for viewers to brand (and brand with — when’s a merch coming?) any team, improved than they would with a customary game’s use of blue for allies and red for enemies.

'Overwatch' beyond map

We also got a look during a previously-mentioned beyond map and third chairman intelligent camera, that we can already see will assistance people stay oriented on a many heated transformation and where it’s happening. It’s also pivotal for a analysts to keep an eye on who is where during all times, and mangle down a transformation post-game with a new stats blueprint that puts each player’s metrics on one screen. A new easily-accessible present replay (complete with bullet-time character freezes and camera movement) can take viewers drifting by a stage though creation things too confusing.

'Overwatch' present replay

Is eSports unequivocally prepared for a large time? We’ll find out soon, though these changes will really assistance give a unchanging spectator who hasn’t listened of Twitch a reason to hang with a promote prolonged adequate to tell D. Va from Doomfist.

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