Blizzard is offered this violent Overwatch statue for $450

Blizzard has suggested a code new square of Overwatch sell that’ll set we behind a critical hunk of cash.

Since a launch of a diversion final year, Blizzard’s flagship shooter Overwatch has had an endless register of sell accessible to squeeze by a central Blizzard Gear store. The latest addition, however, is a statue of Overwatch favourite D.Va that’s both severely overwhelming and ludicrously expensive.

To collect adult a D.Va figurine, you’ll need to bombard out an huge $450 USD, that works out during only bashful of £350 underneath stream sell rates. The many costly Overwatch reckoning before to this was a Figma Tracer statuette, labelled some-more pretty during $70 USD (~$53).

Buy Now: Overwatch D.Va statue during Blizzard Gear Store for $450

That said, a D.Va statue is severely cool, braggadocio a hand-painted pattern that was grown by a group of painters, sculptors, art directors, and artists from a Blizzard Animation and Overwatch Development teams.

The statue measures 48.26cm (19 inches) from building to head, that means it’s scarcely half a metre high. It also has a far-reaching 34.29cm (13.5 inches) base.

Here’s Blizzard’s outline for a new figurine:

“‘Let’s fire for a new high score!’ South Korea is underneath hazard by a gigantic monic monstrosity. Scrambling to find suitable possibilities for a armoured MEKA unit, a supervision incited to a nation’s veteran gamers.”

It continued: “Enter reigning universe champion Hana Song, a.k.a., ‘D.Va,’ a extreme aspirant who plays to win during all costs and has a well-earned repute for display no forgiveness to her opponents. Seeing her new goal as a game, a tellurian idol is prepared to open to her homeland’s defines during a moment’s notice.”

Blizzard is now tying any patron to dual statues, and promises that shipping will start in a fourth entertain of this year.

Buy Now: Overwatch D.Va statue during Blizzard Gear Store for $450

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Would we compensate $450 for this (admittedly awesome) Overwatch figurine? Let us know in a comments.

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