Blizzard Is Listening To ‘Overwatch’ Event Loot Box Complaints, But Answers Aren’t Easy



Overwatch’s Anniversary Event is still going on, and will be for a subsequent few weeks, though right after flog off, fans done their feelings famous about a singular time in that they were given to land 11 new Legendary skins, something that is many mathematically impossible, even with consistent play. And as someone who shells out tangible income for new skins during any event, we found that we was removing reduction for a same volume of boxes this time around, still blank 7 out of 11 skins even after purchasing a hundred.

My essay on a topic got widespread around utterly a bit, and others assimilated in a carol on a forums, and it seems it was adequate to get Blizzard and Overwatch diversion executive Jeff Kaplan to take notice specifically. Here’s a “blue” forum post he wrote earnest a group is wakeful of a feedback:

“I usually wanted to acknowledge that we’ve been following a threads about a rob box rewards as they associate to a anniversary events, other events and rob boxes in general. The feedback and suggestions have been useful to us. We had a unequivocally good contention yesterday about a feedback we’ve been conference this week. While we don’t have any evident movement equipment to report, we suspicion it was critical for we to know that we are listening.

Please feel giveaway to continue your discussions about rewards, rob boxes, and anniversary cosmetic equipment in this thread. I’ll ask a forum moderators to track all contention on a subject to this thread.

Thanks for pity your thoughts with us.”

As he says, he’s not laying out any specific solutions for a issue, though meaningful Blizzard and how manageable they are to fan complaints (well, during slightest in Overwatch), we design we’ll see a resolution by a subsequent event, whenever that competence be (there was usually about a 3 week mangle between a Uprising and Anniversary events). Last time there was a vital censure about events, it was during Summer Games where we could not buy eventuality items, even during an increasing price, and it was altered by a following event.



I don’t cruise what fans are seeking for are reduction skins, going behind to a Summer Games epoch of 6 Legendary skins, half of that are tone duplicates creation them “easier” to get in 3 weeks. A ton of skins are cool, though it competence assistance to systematise during slightest a integrate of them as Epics so they dump some-more mostly for players. Leaving every skin during Legendary status, even if we could make a box they merit it, is amplifying this issue.

There are dual categorical fixes due for this rob box issue, and while both sound good initially, we cruise it would be rather wily to exercise possibly of them.

The initial one is simple: No duplicates of eventuality items. So, in an eventuality with 100+ items, that would meant that 100 boxes would get we everything. That seems…pretty satisfactory on initial glance. That’s $80 value of boxes (a figure that we am good wakeful of after spending it 6 times now for these events), and about 100 hours of play in 3 weeks.

But “fair” as it competence be, we cruise Blizzard would cruise that overly generous. Guaranteeing all after 100 boxes would roughly positively cut their increase flattering dramatically, and a many dedicated Overwatch players could roughly all though pledge a full line-up of equipment and skins by personification a lot. And this would also keep a lot of bullion in a economy, since all a unchanging duplicates’ bullion would not unequivocally need to be spent on many of anything, since now it’s easy to spend 3K-12K on Legendary skins we skip during any event. Extra bullion means that players could simply buy a bottom diversion equipment they’ve missed and get all a eventuality things in brief order, many likely. So while no duplicates sounds good for a play, we have a tough time desiring Blizzard would be peaceful to put that complement in place.



The second resolution is simply awarding some-more income for eventuality duplicates. Right now, it arrange of creates clarity to have Legendary skin duplicates endowment 200 bullion on a 1,000 bullion bottom price, though they still give we 200 bullion on a 3,000 bottom cost when it’s a Legendary eventuality duplicate. That seems wrong. Theoretically, eventuality duplicates could give we 3 times as many bullion as bottom duplicates, and afterwards saving adult for eventuality equipment wouldn’t feel so daunting.

This competence be true, though afterwards that would run a risk of totally tanking a bullion economy a rest of a year. Yes, if eventuality duplicates give we 600 bullion instead of 200, it still takes 5 to save adult for an eventuality Legendary, though if you’re not spending a bullion on that, we can transparent out a bottom game’s register impossibly quickly. Two Legendary eventuality duplicates would give we adequate to buy a bottom skin undisguised with change to spare. People would be racking adult a ton of bullion in events, some of that competence go toward eventuality items, though if saved, could concede players to buy out a rest of a game’s equipment flattering fast, that is a partial of a diversion that roughly never adds new stuff. And it would be serve disincentive for Blizzard to worry to supplement new 1,000 bullion Legendary skins to a bottom pool when players could snap them adult with their plateau of eventuality bullion instantly.

See what we mean? Both of these seem like rather “obvious” fixes, though when we unequivocally puncture into how they’d impact a diversion economy, a conditions becomes trickier. Maybe there’s some resolution in a middle, like Legendary skins simply cost 2K instead of 3K, and that tiny change could be adequate to assistance repair a problem.

Fortunately these are not a decisions we have to make, and we will wait to see what Blizzard comes adult with. What do we cruise a ideal resolution is here?

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