Blizzard bans 10000 Overwatch ‘nukers’ in Korea

Blizzard has criminialized some-more than 10,000 Overwatch accounts in Korea as partial of a crackdown on cheating.

According to a forum post from a Overwatch group in Korea — translated by VentureBeat — a bans are partial of an bid to exterminate a sold form of intrigue famous as “nuking.” Players ordinarily overcome opponents with denial-of-service DDOS attacks, exceedingly impacting their online connections.

“Creating and delivering a pleasing diversion sourroundings for a infancy of a rule-abiding players is of peerless significance to us,” states a post, according to VentureBeat. “We are committed to holding all a stairs we can to stop players who create, distribute, and use these nuking programs.”

However, a bans are doubtful to wholly retard nuking in Korea, where Overwatch is ordinarily played as a free-to-play diversion in internet cafes.

Blizzard has been ruthless in a attempts to stamp out cheating, slapping bans on careless players given a diversion launched final year. Overwatch is generally renouned in Korea, where it beat out long-term internet cafeteria favorite League of Legends last summer.

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