Black Ops III’s Surprise DLC Is Beautiful

Black Ops III is still receiving new content, and entrance behind to Treyarch’s 2015 pretension is a lot of fun. An refurbish on Mar 5 has combined a snowy various of a Redwood map and a further of a renouned Infected diversion mode, that became accessible to play on Mar 6.

I’ve been flattering clinging to Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: WWII, though after transfer over 200 hours into it over a past few months, we motionless that this was a good time to lapse to Black Ops III.

The third installment of a Black Ops array has unequivocally hold adult good over time. There has been a ton of post-launch calm combined into a supply drops, and for me personally, there’s still copiousness of weapons and rigging to collect. Black Ops III also maintains a flattering active actor base, so we never have any difficulty hopping into matches.

As of Mar 6, 48 percent of a actor bottom is enjoying a new playlists featuring Infected and a new Redwood Snow map. Sliding around and “infecting” people can be a lot of fun, though many players are asking, “why now?” There’s been a high direct for a Infected mode to be combined to Call of Duty: WWII, so it’s engaging to see a mode arrive in a diversion that’s over dual years aged instead.

In Infected, one pointless actor spawns as a “infected” and contingency kill other players to taint them. Once killed, players respawn as infected, and they afterwards work to discharge a other team, who contingency work to stay alive until a time runs out. The fast-paced transformation of Black Ops III unequivocally works unequivocally good here, though all a wall using and boosting can emanate a utterly a chase.


The new reward map, Redwood in a winter, is a pleasing treat. The breeze sounds vivid as it whips by a trees, and we unequivocally start to get chills as we play.

Redwood Snow has a same blueprint as a strange Redwood, though now it’s fundamentally like jetpacking around a solidified forest, that has sparked an easter egg hunt within a community: The Frozen Forest was a complicated thesis in a Black Ops III campaign, and some YouTubers are acid for clues on Redwood Snow that competence provoke Treyarch’s nearing pretension for this fall, that Kotaku contributor Jason Schreier confirmed yesterday is a fourth Black Ops, styled Black Ops IIII.


Treyarch is famous for building hype with viral selling campaigns that provoke a nearing titles. It’s probable that Redwood Snow was selected to provoke a tie-in to Black Ops III’s Frozen Forest. Some players assume a winter map is nearing in Mar instead of a some-more suitable anniversary time in sequence to start teasing a Cold War-era Call of Duty game. You know… cold.

But regardless if a combined calm harbors any secrets, Black Ops III is unequivocally value jumping behind into for a few matches.

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