Black Ops III Double Weapon XP Week on Kill Confirmed Announced

Treyarch has announced double arms XP will be live in Black Ops 3 in a Kill Confirmed game mode.

Originally expelled in Nov of 2015, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 continues to knowledge developer support from Treyarch.

In a game, players are means to swell a ‘level’ of their weapon, that allows them to clear different items and cultured changes to supplement to a specific gun.

Between Aug 4th and Aug 11th, fans will be means to play a ‘Kill Confirmed’ diversion mode in sequence to benefit double arms XP.

The mode, creatively combined in Modern Warfare 3, requires players to collect ‘dog tags’ from rivalry players in sequence to measure points.

No other diversion form will concede players to benefit double XP in a same time period.

You can perspective a central proclamation from Treyarch below.


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