Black Ops 3 down: Call of Duty pretension offline on PS4, Activision confirms

An central summary on a server standing page says as much, with a diversion now during Defcon 2, meaning: “Online services are degraded.

“Users in some regions competence knowledge connectivity issues.”

Activision have nonetheless to exhibit what is wrong with Black Ops 3 on PS4 and when it competence be fixed.

It could means many fans a large headache as developers Treyarch are now runnning a Double XP eventuality that ends May 13.

Precious hours spent perplexing to coordinate a time to be online with another celebration member have been for nothing, if a server don’t come behind online soon.

Players wanting to double their XP on Weapons, multiplayer and Zombies mode, need to be personification in a party, Treyarch has confirmed.

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