‘Black Ops 3: Awakening’ DLC Finally Out For Xbox One, PC

PlayStation 4 players perceived a initial Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC, Awakening, last month. Xbox One and PC owners of a first-person shooter now have their event to burst in on a transformation today, Mar 3.

The Awakening DLC is accessible now on a Xbox Store and will go live for a PC around Steam during approximately 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT today. The paid appendage calm is enclosed during no additional cost as partial of a $50 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Season Pass, and will cost $15 by itself. Note that PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will not have a event to squeeze any DLC for a game.

Black Ops 3 fans accept an all-new Zombies journey with Der Eisendrache. This is a initial territory in a new storyline that will reveal over a march of a 4 DLC packs that are designed for a shooter. The map takes a strange characters of Richtofen, Nicolai, Takeo, and Dempsey to an scary snow-covered Gothic castle, where many dark, occult-like events have taken place over a centuries. Additionally, it is home to large deposits of Element 115, a meteor component that is used to emanate zombies and powers many of a outlandish weapons and devices.

Four new Mega Gobblegum were also be introduced to a Zombies knowledge with a Awakening DLC. “Crawl Space” turns all circuitously zombies into crawlers, “Fatal Contraption” spawns a Death Machine energy up, “Undead Man Walking” slows all zombies down to shambling speed, and “Head Drama” will count all bullet repairs opposite zombies as conduct damage.

The 4 new multiplayer maps – “Skyjacked,” “Rise,” “Splash,” and “Gauntlet” – all use a same three-lane pattern that is adored by a group during Treyarch. Things are churned adult some, such as with “Gauntlet” regulating a totally opposite sourroundings for any of a lanes.

The rest of a maps are re-imaginings of prior maps from a Black Ops series. The many distinguished of these is substantially “Skyjacked.” This is a reconstitute of “Hijacked” from Black Ops 2, though set on an Avengers Helicarrier-like sourroundings contra a oppulance yacht. The new Black Ops 3 transformation complement looks to set adult some hair-raising moments, as players can wall run on a outward of a VTOL.

Meanwhile, “Splash” takes place in a H2O while “Rise” is located in a snow-covered bureau nearby Zurich. The dual are desirous by “Grind” and “Silo,” respectively. You can check out a central outline for any of a maps from Treyarch and Activision below.

Gauntlet: Grounded in a troops training facility, Gauntlet plays adult a core truth of Treyarch’s classical 3 line map structure with graphic accumulation in visuals and gameplay. Each of a 3 primary lanes has a singular sourroundings as players conflict by a sprawling jungle, sub-zero artic territory and stormy civic cityscape.

Splash: Set in an deserted H2O thesis park, this colourful and witty map delivers an talented sourroundings finish with waterslides, a wrecked bandit ship, and a idle stream float that winds by a fantastical lost city. Splash is designed to expostulate an open upsurge of combat, including copiousness of opportunities for underwater gameplay.

Rise: Set in a snowy hinterland of Zurich, Rise is a Coalescence Corporation construction plan for a large subterranean investigate campus. The pattern of a map caters to a brew of classical Call of Duty cover fight alongside vital core transformation opportunities, with any territory of a map charity clearly opposite styles of gameplay.

Skyjacked: Set on a confidence VTOL in a clouds over civic Zurich, Skyjacked is a reimagined chronicle of a renouned Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer map Hijacked, and retains a same quick and mad gameplay from one of a many renouned maps in Call of Duty history, though with a twist. Skyjacked gives players a event to try a map in a accumulation of new ways interjection to a all-new core transformation complement in Black Ops III.

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