Bizarre No Man’s Sky Livestream Happening Now As Part Of Alternate-Reality Game

A complicated, puzzling No Man’s Sky alternate-reality diversion has been in swell given June, and fans now trust that it points to a large new refurbish entrance this month. Today, a ARG got even some-more mysterious: a livestream is underway right now, though there’s no word nonetheless on what it’ll reveal.

The livestream is hosted by a Twitch comment Waking Titan–the name of a ARG–and during a time of this writing, it shows a mechanism set adult with a difference “Test Scenario Inactive” manifest on a monitor.

Strangely, on a table is a enclosure with a hamster in it. According to a Waking Titan memo, this hamster is called “Subject M-N00-dl35” and is partial of some arrange of test. The memo reassures viewers that a animal faces no risk and won’t be unprotected to anything harmful.

If you’re meddlesome in reading some-more about a ARG and a efforts to solve it, check out the No Man’s Sky subreddit thread on it here. There’s no central word nonetheless on what a Aug refurbish competence include; developer Hello Games has been tight-lipped about a diversion given its prior refurbish in March. But fans assume from hints in a ARG that it’ll underline a new species, among other additions.

If it is a calm dump that’s being teased, it’ll be a third such refurbish given No Man’s Sky’s recover final year. The first, called a Foundation Update, combined base-building and frigates, while the second combined land vehicles.

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