Bionik Mantis PS VR Headphone Review — Comfort and Convenience

In no figure or form would we report a PlayStation VR as “elegant.” And that is by no means a puncture to a (relatively) bill practical existence headset — we still adore any event we get to mangle out REZ: Infinite or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. With that said, anyone informed with a tangible hardware itself knows that a PS VR is a practical intricacy of wires, HDMI cords, and controller additions that are approaching holding adult a vast territory of your vital room.

Among these wires and additional components are a almost-mandatory headphones. Plugged into one of a categorical member wires of a PS VR headset, this is where arguably many of a fumbling takes place. With semi-frequent handle tangling or carrying to navigate headphone selections that will fit around a PS VR, we have always had a tiny though dedicated wish that destiny versions of a PlayStation VR would embody built-in headphones.

bionik mantis

Enter bionik — gaming hardware designers that mostly dally in energy solutions. The occasional horse for your Nintendo Switch, or battery container for your Xbox One controller. Stepping divided from a norm, they have grown a Mantis: attachable headphones custom-built for a PlayStation VR to solve that problem that we (and many consumers) have been looking for a resolution on.

As we can see in a print above, a bionik Mantis headphones scarcely deception with a PS VR — so many so that infrequent viewers might simply trust it is all one unit. In this case, a headphones might have been some-more aptly patrician “bionik Cricket” — something frequency seen, though aloud heard.

Bionik Mantis PS VR Headphone Review -- Comfort and Convenience

The tangible setup to a bionik Mantis is wholly simple. The black sections of a Mantis are extendable and retractable — simply lift and clamp down on a PlayStation VR and a Mantis will be mostly immobile. More importantly, this set-up is something we usually have to do once. we honestly see really tiny need to ever take these off, given how it creates a PlayStation VR an all-in-one package.

Adding onto a morality of a machine, a cord for a headphones are just prolonged adequate to strech a audio submit jack on a PS VR member wires. This means effectively reduction mixed and reduction cords — a bonus to anyone carrying to interpretation a set of PS VR wires with any new play session.

Bionik Mantis PS VR Headphone Review -- Comfort and Convenience

To exam a bionik Mantis, we booted adult some of my favorite, sound-intensive practical existence titles for a PlayStation VR: Rez Infinite and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Each brought something new to a list that we hoped to hear for myself to decider a capability of a headphones.

Thankfully, a bionik Mantis upheld both tests. For Rez Infinite, we was simply means to get mislaid in a swells and beats — a headphones were some-more than a efficient surrogate to my Skullcandy earbuds that we use as a visit and easy go-to for PS VR. Meanwhile, we was means to hear tiny and still sum on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, entirely operative myself into a shock (as expected) in a early tools of a game.

Bionik Mantis PS VR Headphone Review -- Comfort and Convenience

However, this did move me to my one (and only) disastrous regard of a Mantis: immersion. Without a doubt we can suggest this product for those of we regulating your customary earbuds or lightweight headphones on your PS VR. However, headphone enthusiasts might find that a product leaves something to be desired. The miss of sound termination and a ability to pickup some credentials sounds make other products a improved recommendation for those looking for a many precisionist experience.

What do we mean? Typically during some-more immersive practical existence sessions, we mangle out my Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones that (thanks to their padded over-ear design) cancels many of a sound around me. Meanwhile, we would still hear a occasional sounds around me in my section (text tones, pets, etc) regulating a bionik Mantis. On a splendid side, both products are equally gentle and Mantis is simply distant some-more convenient.

There is no doubt in my mind that a bionik Mantis is an easy recommendation for a run-of-the-mill PS VR owner. Presenting an superb resolution to one of my biggest gripes for a practical existence headset, bionik has combined a product that is attractive, easy to use, and convenient. While audiophiles and hardware purists might cite adhering to some-more immersive audio options, we will take my adore of minimalist set-ups any day.

Disclaimer: A section of a bionik Mantis was sent to DualShockers by bionik for a purpose of this review.

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