Big Horizon: Zero Dawn Update Out Today, Here’s What It Does

The latest refurbish for Horizon: Zero Dawn arrives after today, and it’s a large one. While most of it deals with unexciting (but welcome) things like fixes for bugs and course issues, it also introduces dual options that existent players will welcome.

The initial of refurbish 1.30’s large additions is New Game+ mode. In sincerely customary fashion, this allows we to play by a diversion after completing it though sacrificing a equipment you’ve collected or a knowledge you’ve accumulated. Horizon’s turn top stays 50, yet Guerrilla records we can still collect knowledge while playing. Along a way, mutated versions of weapons and outfits from a customary diversion that underline an additional alteration container will be available. However, these are quite pricey.

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Additionally, a new problem setting, Ultra Hard mode, has been added. Playing on this problem “will raise appurtenance senses and function and will extent actor health regen and other additional smaller tweaks,” Guerrilla explained in a PlayStation Blog post. You can opt for this turn of plea during a commencement of a game, yet we won’t be means to reduce a problem once you’ve finished so.

New Game+ offers a event to acquire a span of new Trophies. One is for simply completing New Game+, while a other is for doing so while personification on Ultra Hard. Neither of these depends toward Horizon’s Platinum Trophy. Full patch records can be seen below.

Update 1.30 is a initial refurbish expelled given May, that was before Guerrilla and Sony announced a first DLC enlargement for a game, The Frozen Wilds. A trailer for this was common during E3 in June, and as a name suggests, it will underline a snowy forest setting.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Update 1.30 Patch Notes

Patch Summary

  • New Game+ combined for players who wish to play by a diversion with their existent gear.
  • Ultra Hard mode is combined for a players that are adult for another challenge!
  • Added dual new trophies to a game: One for completing New Game+ and one for completing New Game+ in Ultra Hard mode.
  • Added support for all EU and US content languages on EU and US games.

General Fixes

  • Fixed an emanate for some players in The Looming Shadow where dual guards would disappear after Blameless Marad speaks to them.
  • Fixed an emanate for certain players with a Lodge Ropecaster where a ropecaster’s anchors that are automatically shot in a belligerent would not hang to a turf while sharpened from a crouched position.
  • Fixed an emanate for some players where criminal camps would wrongly arrangement as ‘Undiscovered’ within a universe map if a actor had privileged all criminal camps.
  • Fixed an emanate with Cauldron Zeta where for some players a query record would disappear after completing a quest.
  • Fixed an emanate that some players encountered with a animations of Aloy. When a actor would perform a m�lange conflict and use a Focus roughly simultaneously, it would means Aloy’s top physique to turn assumed for a moment.
  • Fixed an emanate with a humanoid roar and conflict indicators.
  • Fixed an emanate in Deep Secrets of a Earth where for some players a information points in Sobeck’s bureau were not convenient if a actor wanted to collect them after a blast caused by Helis, as they had disappeared.
  • Fixed an emanate with a Tearblaster statistics being wrongly displayed in a arms wheel.

Progression Issues Fixes

  • Fixed an emanate in Field of a Fallen where for some players Erend would not seem and so blocked course of this quest.
  • Fixed an emanate in The City of a Sun where some players competence teleport by a protester scene, restraint course as Erend would not open a doorway to Olin’s apartment.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed diverse crashes.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Minor content fixes.

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