Bethesda E3 2018 Predictions: What We Expect to See

Today Bethesda announced a annual E3 press discussion would take place on a Sunday before E3, yet what are they removing prepared to show? Last year’s discussion was a bit reduction sparkling than some were anticipating for, yet this year’s could be staid to be flattering big.

Miranda and we sat down to discuss what we competence design to see in a video above, and there’s a lot of potential. From code new Bethesda Game Studio reveals to new expansions and DLC for stream games, here’s what we consider a discussion competence have in store, damaged down by how expected we consider it is.

Check out a teaser trailer Bethesda expelled for E3 2018 below:

Almost Certainly Being Shown

There are a few things we can roughly unequivocally bank on being there:

Safe bets embody an enlargement for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, as good as an enlargement or vast refurbish for The Elder Scrolls Online.

It’s also protected to assume that we’ll see new calm for Quake Champions, potentially from other Bethesda games as co-founder Tim Willit pronounced final year that a Vault Dweller and Dragonborn were both on a table.

Last yet not slightest in a ‘certain’ section, it seems intensely expected that Bethesda will announce something new for VR. Whether that’s some-more Doom VR, Wolfenstein VR, Dishonored VR, etc. is unclear, yet Bethesda has invested a lot in VR, and it seems puzzled they wouldn’t try to keep a round rolling.

Seems Likely To Be Shown

Some other reveals seem expected to uncover adult this year, yet aren’t utterly as certain:

The biggest of these is a new vital AAA diversion from Bethesda Game Studios. This seems unequivocally expected to me for a series of reasons, a many apparent of that is that Bethesda has been operative on dual games it says are “bigger than anything we’ve finished before.” We initial listened about them behind in 2016, and it seems about time we get some-more petrify info on during slightest one of them.

Whether that manifests as a Fallout: New Vegas-style spin-off or an wholly new IP, we don’t unequivocally know — a usually thing we know for certain is that they are “kind of different,” yet still “Bethesda-style” games in line with Skyrim and Fallout. We also know that they unequivocally aren’t The Elder Scrolls 6, that is in growth yet over out than these.

It could also be that one of these games (or an wholly opposite announcement) is a “bleeding-edge AAA freemium game” that was inadvertently suggested by a pursuit inventory final year. Your gamble is as good as ours on what that means, yet a Bethesda-made ‘game as a service’ seems like it’s on a approach in some capacity.

Apart from that vast reveal, we could also simply see new DLC for Wolfenstein 2 and/or The Evil Within 2. That’s not a certain bet, yet it would make a lot of clarity and be sparkling to see.

Similarly, we could also see some arrange of DLC for Prey, that Bethesda pronounced told AListDaily it “absolutely” wanted to make only before a diversion launched final year — yet Prey’s unsatisfactory sales could positively have altered those plans. Still, a official Prey Twitter account seems to have only started teasing something.

Bethesda has also reliable that they are operative another a new mobile game, so it’s unequivocally probable we’ll see that suggested during a show. Fallout Shelter 2 is a many expected in my eyes (or, ideally, Fallout Shelter: New Vegas), yet it could also be something wholly different.

With a success of Doom on Switch, it’s also easy to suppose that we’ll see more Switch ports, maybe for Fallout 4 or even Dishonored 2 if we’re lucky. And if it hasn’t already been announced (or released) by June, we’ll finally get a Wolfenstein 2 Switch recover date.

Less Likely (Or Not At All Likely) To Be Shown

There are a few things we know are unequivocally not going to make an appearance, and some that could yet that we aren’t as assured in:

Right out of a gate, there will roughly positively be no Elder Scrolls 6 shown. Bethesda has consistently pronounced it’s still a prolonged ways away, and that it’s dual other large, unannounced games would aspect before we see it. Unless they go crazy and announce all 3 during once (which is doubtful) it’ll be a no-show.

A supplement that competence indeed occur is that we could see Doom 2. At E3, it will have been dual years given a reboot launched, so a Jun proclamation with a late 2018/early 2019 recover wouldn’t be unreasonable. Not certain, yet positively possible.

A longer widen is some intensity exhibit from a BattleCry studio. If rumors are to be believed, BattleCry was strictly canceled final year and a group is now operative on a new FPS. we wouldn’t reason your exhale watchful for it, yet an proclamation about that plan (our BattleCry’s jubilant return) could happen.

That’s what we consider we can design out of Bethesda’s E3 conference. Let us know in a comments next what we wish to see! And be certain to check out a list of every diversion reliable and rumored to be during E3 2018.

Tom Marks is an Associate Editor focusing on PC gaming during IGN. You can follow him on Twitter.

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