Best PSP Games

The PSP’s life was kind of unfair. By many metrics, a PlayStation Portable was a success, offered over 80 million units apropos distant and divided a usually non-Nintendo handheld value anything. But it couldn’t assistance yet be lilliputian by a approach Nintendo competition, a quirky underpowered Nintendo DS that sole over 150 million units. Weird pattern choices like spinning UMD discs and a concentration on compromised console opening over dedicated handheld scale games hold a complement back, too. But a PSP still left a large symbol on a industry. Here are a best PSP games.


Lumines, one of a initial PSP games, is still arguably a best PSP game. It takes a lot to make a nonplus diversion rivaling a descending retard soundness of Tetris. But Lumines, with a rhythmic freeform gameplay of squares and waves, comes as tighten as any other diversion so far.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

The PSP’s large offshoot was that a PS2-esque energy authorised it to play games within distinguished stretch of then-AAA console games. God of War is about as large as blockbuster philharmonic gets in video games. So successfully timorous it down in God of War: Chains of Olympus done it one of a many considerable best PSP games.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Getting a Grand Theft Auto diversion on a unstable complement was always going to be a outrageous deal, generally if it’s reduction like a 2D originals and some-more like a 3D games that done a array renouned over belief. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories might not be as good as Vice City or San Andreas. But GTA on a go still creates it one of a best PSP games.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Everything good about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, from a concentration on Big Boss building his army of soldiers to chubby balloons to stuff, was initial workshopped in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Being one of a best Metal Gear Solid games automatically creates this one of a best PSP games.

Half-Minute Hero

Too many PSP games attempted to be as large as their console counterparts yet buckled underneath a weight. However, Half-Minute Hero literally army we to swell by a movement RPG levels in 30-second chunks. It represents classical bite-sized unstable diversion design, earning it a mark among a best PSP games.

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Some approach or another an immorality fiery jester pushing an ice cream became one of Sony’s many dear characters. 1990s edgelord cultured aside yet Twisted Metal many defines a really fun vehicular fight genre, a genre right during home on a go in Twisted Metal: Head-On, one of a best PSP games.

Gran Turismo

A Gran Turismo diversion on PSP sounds ludicrous. That array takes a honeyed time building a many picturesque depictions of vehicle racing probable including a many picturesque visuals probable regulating a energy of a latest hardware. But a initial Gran Turismo we can indeed play in a automobile does right by a franchise, one of a classiest best PSP games.

Loco Roco

Sometimes Sony remembers it’s a Japanese diversion association and puts out something totally uncanny and great. Loco Roco is an darling take on a kind of Katamari Damacy-esque diversion in that you’re determining a blob interesting some-more mass into itself. It’s not only one of a weirdest PSP games, though. Its overwhelming display and legitimately crafty gameplay make it one of a best PSP games.


Kind of a messenger to Loco Roco, Patapon is also a SCE Japan Studio diversion about utilizing uncanny small round things. Only here you’re a God heading your army by rhythmic drums beats in capricious conformation battlefields. But again, it’s not only a weirdness yet a peculiarity of a execution that creates this one of a best PSP games.

Wipeout Pure

A racing diversion is always a good approach to uncover a beautiful visuals a new square of hardware can separate out during blinding speeds. A unconventional racing diversion like Wipeout is an even improved choice given a surreal imagery doesn’t have to be firm to reality. The Wipeout array is no F-Zero, yet it’s tough to disagree a Wipeout diversion on PSP isn’t one of a best PSP games.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

One of a not so tip reasons since a PSP did as good as it did is since Japan only couldn’t get adequate of a Monster Hunter franchise. It was a outrageous blow for Sony portables when a array shifted to Nintendo handhelds and after next-gen consoles. Monster Hunter and its… peculiar gameplay is really divisive. But only since of a perfect stress Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is one of a best PSP games.

So that’s a list of best PSP games. Pour one out for a Vita. For some-more retro diversion lists check out a best strange Xbox games and a best N64 games.

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