Best of 2016 Awards – Best RPG

December 20, 2016
Written by Staff

Best RPG of 2016

Continuing PlayStation LifeStyle’s Best of 2016 awards that will finish this week with a collect for Game of a Year, we’re streamer to a big, genre-specific awards! For today, we take a demeanour during that RPG vacant us a most!

While RPGs are now personal as a “Western” or “Japanese” RPG, a finish list of nominees and leader are comprised of, surprisingly, Japanese-developed games. Don’t trust us? Check a gallery below, then. Same as in a other awards, a leader was picked formed on a sum series of votes it got among staff, and not formed on a examination score.

Do we determine with a best PS4 RPG collect of 2016? If not, that diversion should have won in your indicate of view? Same as always, share your thoughts in a comments. And remember, it’s OK to have opposite ambience in games.

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You can check out a other Best of 2016 winners here!

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