Best Horror Games of 2017

Gamers knew going into 2017 that it would be a large year for a fear genre, and they were not disappointed. 2017 brought with it long-awaited releases in determined fear franchises, and it introduced fans of a genre to some chilling new IP. There was no necessity of new fear gaming practice in 2017 as well, though with all a new titles released, some fans might have found it formidable to keep lane of a fear games many value their time.

2017 also saw a series of fear diversion duds, with the recently released Hello Neighbor station out as a year’s biggest beating for fans of a genre. There was a good understanding of pre-release hype for a singular home advance fear game, but Hello Neighbor‘s many technical shortcomings and bad gameplay pattern has resulted in it apropos one of a worst-reviewed games of a year.

For fear diversion fans looking to equivocate a diseased entries in a genre and only play a best stuff, we have put together a list of a 5 best fear games of 2017.


Darkwood has been accessible by early entrance for a series of years, though it finally enjoyed a full recover in 2017. And as distant as fear games go, Darkwood is one of a some-more singular games a genre has ever seen.

The diversion is set in a semi-open universe that players try in a top-down perspective, entrance opposite a series of bizarre characters along a way. Interacting with these NPCs is a pivotal component to the Darkwood experience, as is a chilling sound design, that uses foresight song to qualification an unnerving fear atmosphere.

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares Monster

When it comes to atmosphere, few fear games expelled in 2017 can reason a candle to Little Nightmares. While a puzzle-platforming gameplay didn’t accurately take a universe by storm, many critics and fans have praised a diversion for a unfortunate themes and creepy impression designs. Despite a scary imagery, Little Nightmares also manages to be utterly desirable during times, as we forked out in our Little Nightmares review.


2016’s Layers of Fear was an effective fear game, though it also had copiousness of flaws that kept it from reaching a full potential. Developer Bloober Team went behind to a sketch house for a subsequent diversion and has solidified itself as a studio to watch with Observer.

Observer blends a cyberpunk and fear genres together, formulating an rough unconventional universe that is suggestive of Blade Runner and George Orwell’s 1984Observer effectively uses psychological fear to chill players to a bone, and delivers a constrained tract that will hang with them prolonged after a credits roll. And with no necessity of intolerable and unfortunate imagery, Observer simply stands out as one of 2017’s excellent fear games.

Resident Evil 7


It’s unfit to plead fear games in 2017 though bringing adult Capcom’s Resident Evil 7. Releasing during a really commencement of a year, Resident Evil 7 successfully returned a authorization to a fear roots and delivered one of a best survival-horror games ever done in a process. Resident Evil 7 also deserves approval for being one of a few practical existence titles on a marketplace that provides a bone-fide triple-A gaming experience.

The Evil Within 2


The Evil Within was a decent survival-horror diversion that attempted to replicate Resident Evil 4‘s character of gameplay, that it did to some grade of success. The Evil Within 2, meanwhile, totally outdoes a predecessor, providing a some-more awake story and permitting players to try a semi-open universe full of lethal monsters. If a third diversion is made, here’s anticipating it builds on The Evil Within 2‘s improvements and delivers an even improved survival-horror knowledge for fans of a franchise.

outlast 2 anathema explanation

Besides a 5 good fear games listed here, 2017 delivered some other important fear practice as well. Perhaps a many important diversion we deliberate for a list though finished adult withdrawal out is Outlast 2. The supplement to a strike 2013 survival-horror game OutlastOutlast 2 was still one of a improved fear games of a year, though a tedious and uninspired initial half meant that it wasn’t utterly as well-rounded as a games we eventually chose for a list. Even so, Outlast 2 is still value checking out for fans of a fear genre.

It’s a covenant to how good 2017 was for a fear genre that a diversion like Outlast 2 didn’t make a Top 5. However, 2018 looks like it could be even improved for fear gaming fans, with Days Gone, Overkill’s The Walking DeadWe Happy Few, and some-more on a approach to trepidation and pleasure players. It stays to be seen if 2018 will indeed tip 2017’s offerings, though it’s transparent that fear fans have a lot to be vehement about.

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