Best Blessed Treasury beam in Final Fantasy XIV

One of a best things about Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is that a abounding calm still manages to pierce new blood (pun intended) to a now six-year-old game. Among them is a Blessed Treasury, where players will have to take on a strenuously primal Susano.

Here’s how we can take on his domain and eventually take down this absolute boss.

Before and During a Beginning

The eight-man raid instance follows compulsory celebration makeup of 4 DPS, 4 tanks, and 4 healers. As for a compulsory level, it’s during turn 63 and a synced turn is during 64. This means we can enter even if we haven’t strike a top yet, though it’s always some-more advisable to strike a turn top initial before perplexing this out. If we have adequate FFXIV Gil to buy peculiarity crafted gear, we really should.

Susano has 3 phases.

For Phase 1, here are Susano’s moves:

  • Assail – an un-telegraphed anti-tank attack.
  • Yato No Kagami – Susano puts a red symbol on a actor who is afterwards knocked away.
  • Brightstorm – an conflict that always follows Yato No Kagami, it targets a actor noted by a Yato no Kagami with a smoke-stack mechanic. The actor influenced contingency afterwards get behind to a group.
  • RaisenKaikyo – pointless players are targeted with vast AOEs. Deals most repairs and lowers lightning insurgency on hit.
  • Yasanaki no Magatama – Susano summons a Dark Cloud. More Dark Clouds are summoned as a quarrel continues. These clouds use a spell called The Parting Clouds, that targets one actor with mixed line AOEs that camber a whole arena, traffic complicated repairs and paralysis.
  • Seasplitter – Susano will contend “The seas partial for we alone!” This will means an AOE conflict that will impact roughly a whole locus solely for a tiny line between Susano and a aim of Yato No Kagami.

Entering a Second Phase

In Phase 2, Susano will be removing new moves, namely Sheer Force, that deals assuage repairs a few times, and Ame-no-Murakumo. For a latter, Susano will serve a sword of a same name, that also uses a namesake technique. The off-tank contingency afterwards activate a Blade’s Shadow to get a contrary clean and enter an Active Time Maneuver. By spamming a Duty Action button, a tank can keep a blade during bay. Susano will use this pierce thrice.

Aside from that, there will be Dark Levins in a arena. These mobs will use a ability Shock, that causes them to pierce closer to a center. As they do, they’ll understanding repairs to players colliding with them. It’s afterwards adult to a rest of a celebration to take them out.

Into a Last Part

The final Ame-no-Murakumo will be an unblockable conflict that will kill players that destroy to dodge. This will vigilance a commencement of Phase 3. During this part, Stormsplitter replaces Assail as a anti-tank attack. The new Susano gains dual new moves.

The initial one is a Hidden Gate–a actor gets trapped inside a stone called Ama-ho-Iwata. Two other stone formations will also be summoned, and it’s afterwards adult to a celebration to destroy a right one. To tell that stone has encased a player, check a aggro list, as it’s possibly a one above Susano or during a really bottom of it. Make certain to destroy a Ama-ho-Iwata as quick as possible, as it casts Sealed Gate, that will eventually kill a trapped player. The second pierce he gains is Ukehi, that deals AoE repairs via a arena.

That’s flattering most it for a Blessed Treasury. Simply follow this beam and you’ll be means to kick a absolute Susano with ease. What do we consider of this Blessed Treasury guide? Let us know in a comments next or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also criticism on our MeWe page by fasten a MeWe amicable network.

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