‘Battlefield V’ Rumors Say 2018 Game Is EA’s ‘Call Of Duty: WWII’

Battlefield 2018 will be following in a successful footsteps of Call Of Duty: WWII, according to a new news from VentureBeat. The proclamation says a tentatively-titled Battlefield V will take a array behind to a chronological roots steeped in a courage and soil of World War II.

The information was offering to a proclamation around unknown “sources informed with EA’s plans” for a 2018 games lineup. It arrives prohibited on a heels of dual vital successes in a first-person shooter space. On EA’s end, Battlefield V will follow 2016’s Battlefield 1. The pretension boasted 25 million players as of Dec 2016 and was a second best-selling diversion that year. In fact, a certain movement has continued so strongly that a developer continued to support a diversion with new content; it’s final square of DLC is only a few days old. DICE took a play in building one of a initial shooters set in World War I, and a risk clearly paid off.

More recently, however, Battlefield 1 perceived some critical foe from Activision in a form of Call Of Duty: WWII. Despite releasing this past November, it was a best-selling diversion of 2017 and has a second-highest launch insert rate in authorization history. Now, it would seem DICE is prepared to try a palm during bringing a rather opposite season to this forlorn conflict. The final Battlefield game to underline World War II was 2009’s Battlefield 1943.

Battlefield 1 Horse ‘Battlefield V’ will reportedly trade horses for tanks in a lapse to World War II. EA/DICE

Fans might demeanour during this growth as a discerning approach to gain on a success of a competition, though a news says a lapse to World War II had been in a cards for utterly some time. Well wakeful that a 1940s Battlefield revival would approaching be an present success, DICE was allegedly wavering to scapegoat a golden crow right away. As such, a preference was done to be a bit some-more initial with Battlefield 1 instead. Studio heads felt protected holding that risk since they knew a World War II pretension could now get a array behind on lane if gamers weren’t interested. Luckily, that worst-case unfolding never came to pass.

While a news offers no specific sum with courtesy to time periods, embankment or features, it approaching won’t be prolonged before DICE strictly reveals that information. Assuming Battlefield V follows a promotional trail of a predecessor, an proclamation will approaching occur in early May, with a some-more estimable blowout during EA Play on Jun 9. Barring any variable leaks, that’s when we’ll truly learn how Battlefield V intends to apart itself from Call Of Duty.

That being said, even if these dual games are set during a same era, there’s copiousness of room for both products to be really different. Because Call Of Duty: WWII focuses on a European theater, Battlefield V could simply find a home centered in a Pacific. Both titles also have opposite gameplay expectations as well. As a series, Battlefield generally focuses on some-more process squad-based combat. That change alone would make Battlefield V feel opposite from WWII even if it looks rather similar.

As for Call Of Duty, new rumors advise 2018’s pretension might be Call Of Duty: Black Ops IV, with an importance on modern-day combat. With that in mind, a dual arriving titles couldn’t be some-more different.

Battlefield V is approaching to recover on Xbox One, PS4 and PC after this year.

Are we vehement for Battlefield V formed on these rumors? What will be a best shooter of 2018? Tell us in a comments section!

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