Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm Introduces Bill To Protect Video Games Against Bans

(Last Updated On: Jul 16, 2018)

Video games have been removing criminialized a lot recently in Australia (and a few Stateside as well). The Social Justice Warrior brigade have been targeting specific kind of games and putting them in front of ratings play and height holders and attempting to get them criminialized so gamers don’t even have a choice in being means to squeeze those titles. Well, Liberal Democrats Senator, David Leyonhjelm, has motionless to quarrel behind by arising 3 bills that will assistance strengthen giveaway discuss either it be in debate, in movies, in books, or video games.

Sentator Leyonhjelm’s beginning was published recently over on Medium on Jul 15th, 2018, where it states…

“Senator Leyonhjelm’s Freedom of Speech Legislation Amendment (Censorship) Bill 2018 will mislay a government’s energy to anathema publications, films and mechanism games formed usually on a drift that they competence provoke opposite standards of morality, goodness and propriety.”

The Freedom of Speech Legislation Amendment Bill for censorship was introduced to Australian Parliament on Jun 25th, along with a check for security, and a check for protections opposite insults and offenses, according to a Parliament of Australia supervision website.

In elementary terms, a check would strengthen video games from being criminialized or taboo from recover within Australia simply since some organisation of people were annoyed by a content. The usually kind of calm that would not be stable is child publishing or hatred discuss that incites acts of violence. The Medium square explains…

“The Bill will not mislay bans on element that depicts child sex or promotes, incites or instructs in crime, and traffic in child publishing will sojourn a critical rapist offence.”

One thing that Leyonhjelm done transparent in a Medium square is that statute around snub enlightenment is not sticky to support a beliefs of giveaway speech. He explained…

“Feeling angry or annoyed is a biased feeling that can change enormously between people and for that nobody else is responsible,” […]


“Threatening to incarcerate someone who might not have dictated to offend, simply since someone chooses to take offence, is not usually unjust; it also undermines open debate.”

What’s some-more is that Leyonhjelm is no foreigner to a universe of video games. Last year forward of a recover of Outlast 2, he proceeded to plead council to “leave gamers alone” after a ratings house primarily criminialized a diversion from being expelled in Australia. Outlast 2 did eventually recover in Australia.

Of course, this still creates a ghastly area for games like Omega Labyrinth Z, that was also criminialized in Australia, in a U.K., and taboo from recover on a PS4 in a West. The rulings centered around a game’s depiction of what a ratings house reviewers deliberate to be underage girls. So would games like Omega Labyrinth Z still be authorised to be expelled in Australia, or would it still be criminialized since a organisation labels it as promotional element for underage passionate activity? And would formerly banned games like Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni receive another event to be rated and released?

These bills could drastically change a stream censorship enlightenment that plagues Australia when it comes to video games. However, a bills are still in a early proviso of a official process. There’s still a intensity amendments, schedules for amendments, additional readings, and a pass into legislation.

For now, during slightest we know that someone is fighting for giveaway discuss and to strengthen video games from wrong bans in a land down under.

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