Atlus Possibly Leaks Dragon’s Crown PlayStation 4 Port

Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown might be entrance to PlayStation 4.

A ensign found on a renouned Japanese streaming site Niconico promotion Atlus’ assemblage during Tokyo Game Show might have leaked one of a company’s arriving announcements. When translated into English, The ensign reads “Dragon’s Crown Pro” along with a PlayStation 4 logo. Clicking a ensign now leads to the official website for Dragon’s Crown.

Originally expelled in 2013 for a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Dragon’s Crown is a 2D anticipation movement diversion grown by Vanillaware. Like many Vanillaware titles before it, Dragon’s Crown is best famous for a high peculiarity palm drawn artwork. Supporting adult to 4 players locally or online, Dragon’s Crown is suggestive of many retro side-scrolling movement games. The diversion also facilities RPG mechanics, permitting players to turn adult their characters and supply them with new weapons and armour.

While Atlus hasn’t reliable or denied a probability of a Dragon’s Crown port, it wouldn’t be a initial time that a Vanillaware pretension has done a approach over to a PlayStation 4. Last year, Atlus and Vanillaware worked together on a remastered chronicle of a PlayStation 2 classic, Odin Sphere. Released as Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, a series of new facilities not benefaction in a strange were combined to make a gameplay some-more liquid than before.

If Dragon’s Crown Pro does in fact exist, we’ll find out some-more about it after this week during Tokyo Game Show. We do know that Vanillaware is now tough during work on 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, an arriving 2D sci-fi diversion featuring hulk robots. The diversion was creatively announced during Tokyo Game Show in 2015 though outward of a few trailers, sum on a diversion sojourn hidden. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is now in growth for a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. As of now, Atlus has not suggested an estimated recover window. 

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