Atlus is releasing a Dragon’s Crown Pro Battle-Hardened Edition

Vanillaware’s beautiful movement RPG Dragon’s Crown is being reborn as Dragon’s Crown Pro for PlayStation 4, and it’s scheduled for a open 2018 release. It’s a totally revamped chronicle of a game, that creatively expelled for PlayStation 3, with additional calm and copiousness of augments for both new and aged players to appreciate. 

Atlus is releasing a special “Battle-Hardened Edition” of a diversion for Dragon’s Crown Pro fans in North America and Europe. It’s a collector’s book of a diversion with 7 opposite ability cards with a game’s opposite eminent classes all wrapped together orderly in a special case. 

If we hurry, you’ll get a Battle-Hardened Edition of a diversion automatically, as preordered copies and first-print sales will all be that really book and will run $49.99 during launch. There is no specific date we can design a diversion to launch on for North America only yet, though you’ll get a special book if we act quick enough. Interestingly, Japanese gamers get a digital diversion book with their first-print copies. 

Vanillaware formerly expelled a remastered chronicle of a equally entrancing Odin Sphere in a form of Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, that was accessible for PlayStation 4, improving on a strange PlayStation 2 chronicle in scarcely each fathomable way. Hopefully Dragon’s Crown Pro will broach in a identical manner, generally given it has a lot of intensity for commune action.

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