Astroneer looks like a diversion we might have wanted from No Man’s Sky

Coming to Early Access and Xbox One Preview Programme subsequent week.

Published 09/12/2016

Those unhappy by No Man’s Sky’s skip of commune play will expected be intrigued by a likewise procedurally-generated space scrutiny pretension Astroneer, that is entrance to Steam Early Access and Xbox One’s Game Preview Program on 16th December.

Astroneer allows players to try procedurally-generated planets that can be terraformed and harvested for resources. According to developer System Era Softworks, players can “reshape turf as yet it were done of Play-Doh.”

It’s not only a landscapes that are ductile either, as players can qualification their possess custom-designed spaceships, vehicles and modules.

It won’t indispensably be a waste blank out there either, as Astroneer will underline adult to four-player drop-in/drop-out co-op, so we and your friends can form a new universe together.

The developer remarkable that Astroneers will cost $19.99 (about 16) on all platforms.

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