Assassin’s Creed Origins map takes roughly 3 hours to cross

Asssassin’s Creed Origins’ map is so vast it takes roughly 3 hours to span it during a walking pace. That’s according to Conor Kearney, a YouTuber famous for traversing video diversion maps large and small.

This time-lapse video completes a debate in about 5 minutes, though Conor says his wander clocked in during 2 hours and 52 mins of genuine time. If you’re curious, that’s not a biggest one he has walked. No Man’s Sky took roughly 12 hours to travel median around a planet. More conventionally, Just Cause 3’s map came in during 8 hours and 40 minutes. Assassin’s Creed Origins is a eighth-biggest map he’s walked, entrance in after Mad Max.

You can see that, starting in a Desheret Desert in a southwest and creation it to a Herakleion Nome in a Nile Delta during a northeast comes in during some-more than 12 kilometers of in-game stretch (according to a HUD when Bayek starts his walk).

His many new tours embody Middle-earth: Shadow of War (done in 42 minutes), and Ghost Recon Wildlands (4 hours and 10 minutes). For more, Conor’s walking debate channel now has some 72 maps logged.

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