As Expected, Dragon’s Crown Pro Looks Great in 4K

Vanillaware’s beautiful Dragon’s Crown Pro is roughly here, and you’ll get to give it a go on May 15. In a meantime, Atlus has expelled another comparison video that shows off only how good a diversion indeed looks with a uninformed cloak of 4K paint. I’s utterly impressive, generally when we demeanour during a diversion side-to-side with how it used to be and what it’s able of now. The upgraded chronicle of a diversion also comes with an extended soundtrack to keep things feeling fresh.

It’s transparent that colors cocktail more, and all is only a tad bit crook than we competence be used to with a aged game, that gives it an even some-more special dash than it had when it initial debuted. If this is your initial go-around with Dragon’s Crown, you’ll really finish adult being impressed.

If you’ve never attempted out Dragon’s Crown, it’s suggestive of a progressing Vanillaware pretension Odin Sphere, that was a gorgeous, storybook-inspired movement role-playing pretension with copiousness of severe fights and a gratifying grind. It also expelled an updated chronicle as Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, that separated some of a frustrating moments it featured, such as slowdown.

Check out a trailer next and let us know if we devise on picking adult Dragon’s Crown Pro when it releases exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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