Artist Shows Off Canceled Pitch For Halo Wars 3 – Kotaku

Images from a due Halo Wars 3, display large space battles.

A new collection of judgment art reveals sum of a Halo Wars 3 representation that featured space battles and XCOM-esque bottom management.

Halo Wars 2 managed to constraint a feeling of Bungie’s famous authorization though wasn’t that heated of a plan game. A handful of art, common by Creative Assembly judgment artist Brad Wright, offers a glance into a representation for Halo Wars 3 that would have stretched a range of fight and combined additional plan elements.


“Surprisingly we got a all transparent from Microsoft to uncover this cancelled representation material,” Wright pronounced in a post on ArtStation. “I had to deliver space battles into a diversion style, as good as carrying your collateral boat as your home base, to prep your belligerent forces.”

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