Archeologist Digs Into Remains of No Man’s Sky Abandoned Player Civilization

Image Source: Andrew Reinhard CC-BY

When No Man’s Sky launched final year, an archaeology PhD tyro led a organisation of 30 players on a consult intending to know a algorithms that built a game’s worlds. This initial incursion didn’t vessel out, as a diversion was blank facilities he indispensable to scrupulously excavate. But after a 1.3 update, that radically altered No Man’s Sky’s universe generation, he’s not usually gotten improved collection to puncture with, yet also an deserted civilization to explore.

“My whole reason for existence as an archaeologist these days is to find out how to do archaeology in a fake world,” Andrew Reinhard told me over Skype. He studies story by excavating artifacts, and yet he once specialized in Greek vase painting, he’s now a PhD tyro during a University of York in a UK, where he works with their Center for Digital Heritage. While a lot of people consider of archaeology something discernible and physical, Reinhard says that for him, video games themselves are archaeological sites. “They’re done by people for other people,” he said. “Games change over time with opposite versions usually like sites change over time.” Using a methodology of archaeology in a digital, non-physical space like a video diversion is a fortitude of his research.


Reinhard and his organisation were all flattering vehement for No Man’s Sky to launch, both as academics and as players. They had done skeleton for how they would start to try to consult a sites, doing margin walks and flyovers to demeanour during a landscape. But as a organisation got into a game, they satisfied that a collection they indispensable usually weren’t there. At launch a diversion didn’t have principal directions on a compass, so removing his organisation members to a same spots on universe was impossibly difficult. Over time, his organisation of 30 dwindled off to work on their possess projects, PhDs, or returned to their lives.

Months later, Reinhard motionless to lapse for a latest update, patch 1.3. New tools, like a terraforming gun, concede him to some-more simply manipulate a terrain, and now that a diversion has principal directions, margin walking should be most easier. Reinhard has one some-more sparkling new growth as well—No Man’s Sky had gained deserted civilizations like a Galactic Hub. The Galactic Hub was a actor destined devise that seeks to emanate and orderly village for players to some-more or reduction call home, and was initial staid in a Lennon star complement of a Euclid galaxy. The strange site for a No Man’s Sky Galactic Hub devise had been radically altered by patch 1.3, that altered how planets were generated. The village was forced to leave their bases, farms and communication terminals behind, that Reinhard intends to uproot usually like any other civilization.

When he initial landed, he followed a cocktail adult that should have forked him to a common base, as good as a integrate dozen communication terminals with messages from former Hub residents. When he landed there was no bottom to be found, and Reinhard theorized it contingency be underground. So, he started digging.


“What we detected by tunneling is that a bottom and a dual dozen communication terminals are buried underneath a bedrock, that a Terrain Manipulator can't cut through,” he wrote in a blog post. “I attempted to hovel to other circuitously terminals, yet it’s transparent that these are underneath a bedrock, too. So while we can pinpoint a locations of these terminals and of a base, we will never be means to review what they contend or brand who left them.”

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