App Army Assemble: Morphite – No Man’s Sky on mobile?

Crescent Moon has always been ambitious. In fact, a developer is famous for perplexing to fist immeasurable practice like Skyrim, The Legend of Grimrock, Zelda, and Halo onto mobile.

Well, not those games exactly. Crescent Moon creates games desirous by those nonetheless creates a knowledge fit improved on mobile. It’s a best of both worlds really.

And a latest is Morphite, that aims to squeeze a gigantic No Man’s Sky onto your iOS devices. According to a reviews editor extraordinaire, it works as well. We gave it a Gold Award and pronounced that “While it competence pull comparisons with No Man’s Sky, Morphite heads out in a possess direction, and it works most better”.

We also asked a hardened garland of mobile experts in a App Army for a second opinion, and here’s what they had to say.

Jim Linford

I’m removing immeasurable Metroid Prime vibes from this brave initial chairman shooter. You even have to indicate items!

The controls can be tweaked to your liking, we can transport to opposite planets in your possess ship, and got to a aspect around a dump pod. You also confront pointless antagonistic rivalry ships on a way.

Visually, it has an aged propagandize charm. Yes, it can demeanour prosaic during times nonetheless it’s also unequivocally immersive. a diversion clocks in during 756.5 MB so we might have to transparent out a few games if we are low on space.

Moving about is good nonetheless aiming and switching equipment while you’re pounded by wildlife can both be a pain during times. Overall, we don’t mind a voice behaving and a soundtrack is ace.

Each turn is designed around handheld play so, notwithstanding being large, we can get by them quickly. You might have to backtrack spasmodic though.

I’m still early in nonetheless it’s a illusory and desirous diversion good value checking out.

Eduard Pandele

I’m not a fan of a graphics – we cruise a colour palette is bland. Also, it’s so low poly that a characters don’t even have eyes. But a vital emanate for me is a controls.

The enemies pierce faster than we can indeed lane them with a reticle, and boat fight was unequivocally irritating as a result, and a belligerent fight isn’t most better.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get used to it after on.

Brandon Jones

I’m unequivocally enjoying a gameplay, even nonetheless a controls take some removing used to. Personally, we like a pale colors and low polygon visuals. It creates for a surreal feel that adds to a expanded inlet of a game.

There’s one vivid bug though. A live promote blunder would incidentally cocktail adult and pile-up a game. Thankfully, involuntary checkpoints meant we didn’t remove most in a proceed of progress.

I didn’t caring most for a space sections, that usually felt a bit extraneous. Also, it seems to be a immeasurable empty on your battery. we mislaid 25% in a brief play event during lunch.

HouGang Man

It’s flattering good! we played for an hour or so with my son who kept reminding me to indicate all – nonetheless not a creatures! You have to conflict those.

The song is nice, and a fighting is light and fun.

Leonidas Konstantopoulos

There’s a problem with mobile games nowadays, in that they miss a ability of comparison handhelds. With new inclination combined to a brew each year, developers demur to work within a limitations.

Even when they do, it’s singular that we see games with a same grand scale as PC and console ports. It’s a unhappy thing that in a past, handhelds could support richer practice that relied on underpowered specs.

Morphite, while not perfect, is built on that philosophy. The use of low poly models is a game’s biggest strength, as it allows for a many mechanics to gleam on mobile. The concentration is, of course, on exploration. And while there is a story, we can transport between missions however we like by a procedurally generated planets.

Each of them has a possess plants and wildlife that we can indicate and sell for upgrades, and some of them even offer side missions. While traveling, there is a possibility for boat events to start that embody dodging or fighting.

Combat is elementary and a AI isn’t that smart, nonetheless there’s adequate arms accumulation to keep things fresh. The controls are entirely customisable and platforming, that is a pivotal aspect, gets easier with time.

The voice behaving is good and a soundtrack is adult to a task. As for compatibility, we haven’t gifted a singular pile-up on my iPad Mini 2 and it manages to keep a solid framerate during all times.

I’m about median by a campaign. It’s good that we can have brief sessions where we usually revisit one planet. It ups a replayability. It’s a diversion where we can get mislaid in for a while that’s elementary and formidable in equal measure. It will stay in my device for utterly some time.

Laura Egri

The mobile chronicle of Morphite is a bit of a letdown. The hold controls aren’t a best, and it’s all a bit worried – utterly during platforming segments.

I like a thought Tron-style polygonal visuals nonetheless not so most a colours, nonetheless detached from that a gameplay is good, with lots of things to do and explore. The fight is during a satisfactory turn of plea and relies mostly on upgrades than on your skills.

Overall, it’s not bad nonetheless it’s improved on PC and console.

Steve Clarke

I wasn’t certain about Morphite during initial nonetheless it’s grown on me a some-more I’ve played. The graphics are desirable and distinctive, a song is excellent, and while a voice behaving isn’t going to win any awards it’s positively passable.

There are a apparent comparisons to No Mans Sky, nonetheless there are also clear shades of Metroid issuing by Morphite‘s veins and that’s no bad thing during all. There’s a outrageous star plentiful with life to try as good as a crowd of upgrades for your ship, suit, gadgets, and arsenal of weaponry.

The controls are as good as they can be for an FPS on a mobile device and a assertive inland class I’ve run into so distant all have sold conflict patterns that once schooled will concede we to equivocate their attacks with ease.

I do have some criticisms though. Platform sections in FPS games frequency work good and a same can be pronounced here. Some worlds are a bit samey as good – a colour pallet could use some-more variation. Finally, I’d have favourite an on shade indicator to heed between scanned and unscanned flora and fauna.

Overall, Morphite is a good tiny game. If we wish a immeasurable star to try with an intriguing story afterwards we should unequivocally cruise picking this one up.

Paul Manchester

I’ve unequivocally enjoyed my time with No Man’s Sky – sorry, we meant Morphite. The visuals are ideal for smaller mobile screens, and remind me of Severed.

Everything runs uniformly and is organic nonetheless we determine with a others that a controls could use some tweaking. The platforming sections in sold are unforgiving.

The tiny missions and permitted scrutiny fit a format good though, and we utterly like a loose mobile accessible approach. It’s accurately what we wish from a mobile pretension played in brief bursts.

My categorical dispute is that we literally need a pile of Morphite to energy my phone, as child does this eat battery!

Overall, this is a enormous tiny pretension packaged with mini adventures.

Ed Davis

Morphite plays good and is graphically beautiful, with a angled demeanour adding a retro feel. The controls are elementary nonetheless we found them a tiny clunky on my iPhone.

It plays like No Man’s Sky, nonetheless with a tiny some-more to do. You’re thrown true into a scavenging goal where we learn new and engaging things.

The one thing that did put me off a tiny was a voice acting. It’s a tiny cheesy during times nonetheless bearable.

The whole diversion has a good feel to it, and if we demeanour past this, you’ll find yourself enthralled in new and sparkling worlds. It does seem like it would feel some-more during home on a console though.

Dan Evans

I’m a few hours in and can see myself personification loads some-more of Morphite.

I like a graphical style, and with a pull stretch maxed, cinematic effects, and shadows incited on, it runs good on my iPad Air using IOS 9. Turning on a (experimental) modernized effects drops a support rate to singular digits, nonetheless this is some-more than excusable deliberation it’s using on a 4 year aged tablet, and, well, is experimental.

Having died a few times after invading a personal space of some antagonistic creatures, we was relieved to find an automobile glow choice tucked divided in a control menu. Having this switched on became essential, as we miss a thumbs and ability to move, aim, and glow during a same time.

At usually over 25% of a proceed by a categorical story, I’m astounded that we haven’t gifted space fight yet. Either I’ve not progressed distant adequate in a story, or a RNG hasn’t lucky me yet.

On one arise in a solar complement on track to a planet, we encountered an asteroid margin to commander through. This was fun and I’d like it to start some-more often. The galactic star map is immeasurable and jam packaged full of systems to visit, and is easy to navigate.

There’s copiousness of upgrades accessible for my palm hold weapons, spacecraft, and exosuit – with a after charity entrance to ever some-more outlandish planets to explore. It’s a good inducement to keep upgrading.

Additionally, tiny quirks like Bola Cola, a malfunctioning arcade machine, and being shot during by a spaceship while walking opposite a space station’s hangar spirit during some-more gameplay elements to learn as we swell by a game.


I attempted to get on with this, nonetheless a controls spoilt it for me. we can suppose this is going to be flattering good when it releases on Switch nonetheless with touchscreen usually on iOS we usually found it too frustrating.

The diversion itself seems flattering good though, with copiousness to do, lots of content, and a visible character that is ideal for mobile.

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