An Overwatch Fan Made A Busan Map Two Months Before Blizzard …

Image: Shua Llorente

Aspiring video diversion map builder Shua Llorente had no thought what he was removing himself into when, in June, he expelled a video of his mockup of a Busan map for Overwatch. The video pulled in over 150,000 views interjection to only how most it felt like an tangible Overwatch take on a genuine Korean city. This month, Blizzard surprise-revealed its possess Busan map. People have questions.

The comments of Llorente’s video are now a torrent of questions: How does he feel about Blizzard’s map? Did he work on it? Or, some-more nefariously, did Blizzard slice him off?


People are hitting him adult with identical questions on Twitter, to that he has not replied. Others are undisguised making accusations that Blizzard copied a map.

There are some flattering definite visible similarities between Llorente’s Busan and a city apportionment of Blizzard’s map. Both have slight streets, colorful signage, unconventional design that still feels true to a real-life location, and even gaming spaces. Here’s Llorente’s video:

And here’s Blizzard’s Busan trailer:

Llorente has combined a whole array of Overwatch-inspired maps in Unreal Engine 4, and his Cairo map even held a eye of veteran unapproachable pappy and hobbyist Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, who wrote Llorente behind in January, “Amazing work! We’ll be in touch.” So it creates clarity that people would consternation if Llorente had something to do with Overwatch’s latest map.


According to Llorente, Kaplan and co were not in hold with him for Busan. Llorente also doesn’t consider they used his map as a indicate of anxiety for theirs. “I don’t consider Blizzard was desirous by my map,” he told Kotaku in an email, “since I’m a one who was desirous by their environments, and I’m a one who uses their map as a beam in formulating my possess maps.” He also remarkable that “a lot” of people have been seeking if he was concerned in a map’s creation.

Kotaku reached out to Blizzard to ask if a central Busan map was desirous by Llorente’s take on a idea, though as of publishing, a developer had nonetheless to respond.

For now, Llorente is mostly only happy that an central Busan map exists.

“I unequivocally like a Busan map from Overwatch, given we adore a Korean culture,” he said. “I consider their sourroundings group unequivocally prisoner a feel and demeanour of a normal and unconventional Busan.” When asked if there was anything he’d change about Blizzard’s map, Llorente said, “Visually, a Busan map is already perfect, and we don’t consider any changes would be necessary.”

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