Amy Hennig on Uncharted: "You could always burst behind in"

Amy Hennig perceived a Honor Award during Gamelab in Barcelona this year, and we held adult with her during a eventuality to speak about her career, that apparently includes a hugely successful Uncharted franchise. We asked where she would take a array if she had a choice, and she had no necessity of intensity ideas.

“I worked on Uncharted for over dual years and so a elemental story there, with a bandit paradise and all that stuff, is all a investigate that we did and kind of a structure of a diversion was laid out, so we still feel a clarity of adore and tenure of that even yet we didn’t get to finish it, though we meant any creator’s going to make opposite choices than someone else. You have to put your stamp on it, right? So they did certain things that wouldn’t have occurred to me, though they’re not obtuse decisions for it; only different,” she explained when articulate about a fourth game.

“And how would we continue it? we mean, that’s tough, since they kind of wrapped it adult with a crawl and had a peep forward. Look, we consider there’s a lot of element there that we could continue with Cassie, with a daughter, we could do flashback stories with Nathan Drake… we only demeanour during Indiana Jones; there’s unequivocally not a limit. You can always burst behind in and tell a story with an comparison impression and that gives a whole opposite colour to it, that is kind of cool, and we could do arrange of a Young Indiana Jones chronicle of Nathan Drake if we wanted to. I’m excited, since it sounds like a filmmakers are gonna do that indeed with a Uncharted film and go behind to an progressing time and things like that.”

Where would we like to see destiny Uncharted games go, if there ever is another one?

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