All The Raid Bosses You Can Find In ‘Pokémon GO’ And How To Beat Them

Credit: Niantic

Pokemon GO.

Raids are live in Pokémon GO, and if you’ve beheld people unresolved out during your internal gyms staring during their phones, they’re substantially going after some high-level Pokémon with a new collaborative gameplay feature. Raids array teams of adult to 20 trainers opposite one supercharged Pokémon, charity singular rewards and a possibility to locate singular creatures after a successful battle. It’s a great addition, yet given it’s code new it takes some explaining: for a authority on how to quarrel in raids, go here. 

There are a lot of opposite bosses we competence confront in a raid, however, that is what we’ll demeanour during today. The good people during a Silph Road have taken a difficulty of collating all a famous raid bosses people have encountered, and dual days in we’re firm to have a sincerely finish list. This is, like many things Pokémon GO, a work in progress. People competence notice new raid bosses, Niantic competence supplement new raid bosses or tier levels competence get shifted, so check back. For a list below, you’ll see that raids come in 4 tiers. This is represented on a map by egg color: tiers 1 and 2 will be shown by a pinkish egg, tiers 3 and 4 by a bullion egg. If we go to possibly a “raids” partial of a circuitously shade or a gym itself, you’ll see a series of beast faces next a raid. The series of faces indicates what tier it is.

Take note: since you’re usually going adult opposite one Pokémon during a time, form becomes distant some-more critical than CP when it comes to formulation your team. If you’re adult opposite a water-based Blastoise, for example, loading adult on electric Pokémon like Jolteon is going to be a most improved plan than going with Rhydon, even if a Rhydon is during a aloft CP. In parentheses after any boss, you’ll see some ideal opposite forms to go into conflict with, yet we competence find your possess combinations that work only as well.

Update: I’ve beheld a bit of fluidity on this list: some creatures will burst adult or down one tier, depending. I’ve also beheld that infrequently a raid gets reported as a opposite tier than what it eventually lands at, however, so it’s misleading if this is a approach things work or if things are still jolt out server-side.

Tier 1: Bayleaf (Fire), Croconaw (Electric, Grass),  Magikarp (Electric, Grass)  Quilava (Rock, Water).

Tier 2: Electabuzz (Ground), Exeggutor (Fire, Bug, Ghost), Magmar (Rock, Water), Muk (Psychic, Ground), Weezing (Psychic, Ground).

Tier 3: Alakazam (Dark, Ghost), Arcanine (Water, Ground), Flareon (Water, Ground), Gengar (Ghost, Dark), Jolteon (Ground), Machamp (Psychic), Vaporeon (Electric, Grass)

Tier 4: Blastoise (Electric, Grass), Charizard (Water, Ground), Lapras (Fighting, Grass, Electric), Rhydon (Fighting), Snorlax (Fighting), Tyranitar (Fighting), Venosaur (Fire, Psychic)

Tier 5: This is totally fanciful during this point, yet it’s where people are presumption we’ll see legendaries.

With a right credentials and adequate teammates, all a raid bosses out there now can be comfortably beaten. Tiers 1, 2 and even infrequently 3 can be soloed by high-level adequate players, yet Tier 4 will always need some assistance. Hopefully, we’ll get those legendaries soon.


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