All Resident Evil 2 (2019) screenshots

At a PlayStation E3 2018 reveal, it was misleading if a diversion was a PlayStation 4 disdainful or entrance to other platforms. Luckily, we reached out to Capcom and a group supposing us with acknowledgment that Resident Evil 2 was indeed entrance to Xbox One, with Xbox One X enhancements in tow. The Xbox Store lists Resident Evil 2 as a “4K Ultra HD” title. In an talk with GamingBolt, Capcom Brand Manager Mike Lunn pronounced players also get a 60 FPS option.

Resident Evil 2 creatively launched in 1998 and is deliberate a cult classic. The pretension facilities moving scrutiny and puzzle-solving gameplay that are staples in a array even to this day. For those unknown with a story, players join rookie military officer Leon Kennedy and college tyro Claire Redfield, who are bearing together by a catastrophic conflict in Raccoon City. The illness transforms a race into lethal zombies who only wish to kill.

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