All-Digital Xbox One Launches Today, Kicking Off A New Era Of Xbox

Microsoft is approaching to announce a next-generation Xbox during E3 subsequent month, though forward of that, a association currently launched a mint all-digital Xbox One S. Called a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, a complement costs $250 / £200 / AU $350, and it’s accessible anywhere we buy consoles.

Buy a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition:

The new indication is a same form cause and size, though it has no front drive. It sports a 1 TB tough expostulate and it comes with 3 games: Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft, and Sea of Thieves.

The recover of a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is notable since it’s a initial vital home console to offer a disc-free version. Microsoft announced a complement in April, during that time it pronounced “consumer ardour for digital calm and practice are stronger currently than ever before.”

Indeed. Just today, Electronic Arts reported that a whopping 49 percent of all of a full-game sales on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One over a past 12 months were digital. The share of digital sales during other publishers is approaching to be rising as well.

The new all-digital Xbox One S is not replacing a customary Xbox One S or a Xbox One X, both of that have front drives. The new digital chronicle is usually an choice for people who wish it.

The miss of a front expostulate means a console doesn’t support DVDs or Blu-ray discs, though Microsoft says people can still knowledge 4K calm by Netflix, Amazon, and other destinations. The form cause is a same, and a all-digital Xbox One has a same functionality as a customary Xbox One S. It only can't play diversion discs or disc-based media.

Looking ahead, Microsoft is approaching to announce one or mixed next-generation Xbox consoles during E3 2019 in June.

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