Agents of SHIELD recap: ‘All a Comforts of Home’

After many teasing, this part of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. starts with a demeanour during Dove Cameron’s puzzling character, Ruby. It takes until a finish of a part to unequivocally see what she’s about, nonetheless she positively appears to be a normal rebel teenage daughter. Her mom is as tough as they come (you might remember General Hale from the Fitz solo episode, where we final saw her murdering her possess subordinates) nonetheless Ruby is positively able of holding her own. She has a Quake print in her room, after all, notwithstanding her mother’s intense query to constraint everybody in S.H.I.E.L.D. Her usually doubt is, “Mom, are we a good guy?” We’ll come behind to that doubt by a finish of this episode.

Having successfully outwitted Kasius and a rest of his Kree forces, Agent Coulson and a rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. are finally behind in their possess time — though, funnily enough, still in a Lighthouse! It’s not in circuit yet, though; during this point, a Lighthouse is still an ultra-secret mega-backup devise that was kept subterraneous in box of a apocalyptic emergency. The always-welcome Patrick Warburton shows adult as a available video of General Rick Stoner (great name), explaining that a hire was indeed built behind in a ’70s. Luckily, someone a small some-more present is on palm to assistance out as well: Noah, a Chronicom like Enoch who watches over a bottom and a bunker. The groundwork is indeed full of opposite monoliths. They don’t do anything this episode, nonetheless male that’s an arsenal of Chekhov’s guns if I’ve ever seen them.

Noah keeps watch over events on Earth, looking for signs of intensity catastrophe. After all, a Chronicoms are still a closest a MCU has come to replicating a big-headed Watchers from a comics. One feed is of sold interest, display a light emanating from a sky. Naturally, this is a feeling that people in a destiny warned them would eventually lead to a drop of Earth. When they delayed down a footage, Fitz and Simmons notice that a light is indeed entrance from Earth. They comprehend a source is a same guide Hive once used to try to serve a Kree to Earth. So Coulson and a group go out to examine that, while Daisy deals with another fascinating development.

A really acquire tract turn in this part is a explanation that Deke is still alive! Somehow in all a obelisk blast mumbo-jumbo, he too got teleported to Earth. This is a good service given Deke was a many colorful impression from a Lighthouse arc (though we wouldn’t mind saying Flint again someday, either). He gets dumped in a center of Missouri, and he shortly ends adult in a bar.

(Recap continues on page 2.)

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