After assassination attempt, Maduro expected to ratchet adult repression

The unfolding recalls a predicament in Turkey in a summer of 2016. After his supervision snuffed out a putsch attempt by a military, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan changed quickly to mislay hundreds of judges seen as disloyal, inform a troops and jail journalists, and after to connect energy underneath his presidency.

The bottom line: While we don’t know a effect of a Venezuelan government’s charges opposite those 6 people — and might never know, given a politicization of a confidence army and a legal system, initial underneath President Hugo Chávez and now underneath his protégé Maduro — a genuine risk is that Maduro will use a potentially legitimate try on his life to take a page from a playbook of a associate inaugurated autocrat.

Christopher Sabatini is an accessory highbrow during Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, executive executive of Global Americans and a non-resident associate during Rice University’s Baker Institute.

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