After Adventure Week, ‘Pokémon GO’ Promises Summer ‘Will Be Legendary’


A penetrate that puts Legendary skins on existent Pokemon.

We still have a integrate days left in Adventure Week, Pokémon GO’s latest monthly eventuality that focuses on rock-types and boosts for buddies. It’s arguably a many profitable eventuality Pokémon GO has constructed to date between a friend walking reward and a array of rare/powerful rock-types players have entrance to.

But fundamentally, it’s still some-more of a same.

Pokémon GO is creeping adult on a initial year anniversary, that is some-more than adequate time for many mobile games to remove relevance, nonetheless it’s never forsaken out of a tip 20 top grossing apps this whole time. But a diversion has not altered in unequivocally many ways.

The biggest additions to GO from a gameplay viewpoint have been a friend complement and a contingent introduction of a tracker that indeed works. The biggest calm further was Gen 2, yet in a full year, with all that revenue, players unequivocally wish more.

After Adventure Week, once summer kicks off in June, it’s strictly time to step it adult a notch, and Niantic is earnest to do usually that.

Pokémon GO recently won a Webby for best mobile game, and a feat debate from Niantic’s tellurian product selling lead Archit Bhargava was brief and sweet:

“This summer will be legendary.”

It’s an open tip that Legendary Pokémon will be entrance to a diversion during final this summer, as Niantic settled undisguised they would be there before a finish of a year. Gen 3 is still expected a prolonged ways off, so that leaves Legendaries for a large underline this summer/for a one year anniversary of a game.


Pokémon GO

Niantic has still not minute accurate skeleton for how Legendaries will hurl out, yet information miners have been entertainment clues for months now. There’s been a lot of backend things put into a diversion behind a scenes focused on a new activity called “raids,” with prompts like “A raid is starting nearby you!” or “Defeated raid Pokémon.” If that doesn’t sound like a set-up for a Legendary activity, we don’t know what does, yet some people trust that this has something to do with nearing changes to how gyms work.

I don’t buy that, as we unequivocally do consider that Niantic is going to wish to do their strange dream of large-scale, mass-battle activities for Legendaries like we saw in a strange trailer for a diversion years ago, when players got together to conflict Mewtwo in Times Square. At a time, that seemed crazily far-fetched, yet with Pokémon GO reaching heights of recognition no one ever suspicion possible, it’s a lot easier to trust that large groups would get together in genuine life in several locations to battle/capture Legendaries.

My swap thought to this has been personalized quests, where players are given a array of themes objectives to finish in sequence to secure their possess personal Legendary (win 10 gym battles with a glow type, travel a 30 km egg, conflict Moltres, constraint Moltres), yet my camber is that Niantic has something else in mind that involves players operative together.

Another thing I’ve mentioned is that if Niantic was smart, they would recover one Legendary a week, in whatever format, all via this summer. With 11 Legendary and Mythic Pokémon in Gen 1 and Gen 2, that would take from a commencement of Jun to a center of August, and keep players bustling with something to work for any and any week going forward.

I have no thought how a metagame of Pokémon GO will change once Legendaries arrive. There are already hints that gyms are changing to usually concede one of any form in them, so during slightest they won’t be 10 Mewtwos deep, yet even still, if Legendaries are authorised in gyms during all, it stands to reason that many gyms will be infancy Legendaries going forward, if their stats are as considerable as we would imagine, that might make GO’s stream gym farrago problem worse.

Regardless, it’s tough not to get vehement about Legendaries nearing during final if you’ve remained a dedicated player, or even if we haven’t. we have a feeling that after months of comparatively teenager events, Niantic is cooking adult something flattering vital for this summer. Hopefully we’ll find out unequivocally soon.

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