Adorable Mega Man 11 Roll Nendoroid Up For Pre-Order

(Photo: Capcom)

Now that we’re in a lead-up to Mega Man 11, a sell is starting to hurl in. The latest further to a franchise’s prolonged line of toys and games is a Nendoroid reverence to Roll, a darling and shining blonde who is, in a way, Mega Man and Proto Man’s small sister.

As one of a few womanlike humanoid robots to creatively entrance in a series, Roll plays a flattering critical partial in a series, and will be arrangement adult again in Mega Man 11. The figurine is formed on her pattern for a arriving game, and includes several opposite additional tools to assistance poise and change a impression for a fun display. It’s accessible for pre-order now, with a deadline of Mar 1st. Roll ships out on Aug 31st. But wait, there’s more! A reward figurine of a family dog, Rush, is enclosed in a set — along with all sorts of extras for we to disaster with. Here’s what a central inventory says about Roll:

From Mega Man 11, a latest arriving diversion in a Mega Man array done to commemorate a 30th anniversary, comes a Nendoroid of Roll in her new costume! She comes with 3 face plates including a customary expression, an dissapoint countenance and a unapproachable smiling expression.

In further a Nendoroid sized chronicle of Mega Man’s arguable messenger Rush is also included, formed on a strange designs illustrated for a new game! Roll also comes with her cleaning device and an E Tank as discretionary tools to arrangement with her. We wish you’ll demeanour brazen to this lovable Nendoroid of Roll together with a arriving game!

Mega Man 11 was creatively announced behind in December, during a jubilee of a franchise’s 30th anniversary. The diversion will be destined by Mega Man fable Koji Oda, and a equally iconic Kazuhiro Tsuchiya is set to produce. The diversion is pronounced to underline “3D polygonal characters and environments,” that creates it mount out above a rest of a array when it comes to modern-day graphics. But either it’s classical character or code new. though, a Mega Man array seems like it’s going to keep a classical feel, holding side-scrolling elements and giving them a wider, some-more three-dimensional makeover.

Mega Man 11 releases for a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC after this year.

(h/t DualShockers)

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