Adi Shankar in Talks to Produce ‘Legend of Zelda’ TV Series Based on Video Game

Producer Adi Shankar is in talks to furnish a array formed on a long-running “The Legend of Zelda” video diversion franchise, TheWrap has schooled exclusively.

On Monday, Shankar posted on Instagram that he was “working with an iconic Japanese gaming association to adjust one of their iconic video diversion array into a series.”

Shankar’s many new credits embody portion as a author on Joseph Kahn’s “Bodied” and starring in “Get a Girl,” as good as executive author in “Lone Survivor.” He also served as executive author on a TV array “Castlevania.”

Created for Nintendo by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, “The Legend of Zelda” debuted on a Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986. Followed by some-more than 17 sequels and several remastered release, a “Zelda” authorization has sole some-more than 80 million copies worldwide.

In many incarnations, a array follows a adventures of a erratic favourite named Link, who contingency collect enchanting artifacts to save a princess Zelda and better an immorality sorceress named Ganon.

When reached for comment, a Nintendo orator said, “We have zero to announce on this topic.”

See his Instagram post below.

The success of Castlevania combined this opportunity.

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14 Times Video Games Continued a Stories of Movies (Photos)

  • chronicles of riddick pattern reloaded aliens cinema video games sequels split

    Video games formed on cinema have a prolonged story of being terrible. But there are a few protected games that don’t usually float a coattails of successful films, they indeed enhance and supplement to them. Here are 12 video games that picked adult a torches for stories started on film.

  • the thing 1982 cinema sequels video games

    “The Thing” (1982)
    John Carpenter’s 1982 fear film finds a organisation of scientists trapped in an Antarctic investigate trickery with an visitor hazard that takes over and imitates them. The film ends with overwhelming ambiguity: MacReady (Kurt Russell) and Childs (Keith David) staring any other down, conjunction certain if a other is indeed a horrific visitor in disguise. “The Thing” got a 2011 prequel, though never a film sequel.


  • the thing cinema sequels video games

    “The Thing” (2002)
    It was a video diversion that answered a Childs and MacReady doubt when soldiers seem during a stay to rescue a team. They find Childs solidified though apparently human, and afterwards copiousness some-more Thing monsters to quarrel (MacReady indeed comes to a rescue during a end). The game’s story wasn’t as desirous as a film’s, though it did conduct to deliver a complement that done characters careful of any other – and of a actor – forcing we to constantly consternation if your companions were unequivocally monsters watchful to pounce.


  • alien 1979 ridley scott sigourney weaver video diversion film sequels

    “Alien” (1979)
    James Cameron’s supplement to Ridley Scott’s classical “Alien” puts 57 years between a dual movies. The strange film saw a organisation of what were, essentially, space truckers incidentally picking adult a lethal mammal after questioning a trouble call. At a finish of a movie, Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), a sole survivor, goes to nap anticipating someone will collect her up.


  • alien siege video diversion film sequels

    “Alien: Isolation” (2014)
    “Alien: Isolation” takes place between a initial dual “Alien” films, jumping 15 years forward to tell a story of Ripley’s daughter Amanda. She hunts for justification of what happened to her mom and her crew, though a hunt for a Nostromo leads detrimental salvagers to incidentally move a strange visitor behind to a space hire full of people. Amanda discovers a creatures condemned both Ripley women, as she fights to survive.


  • ghostbusters 1984 video games cinema sequels

    “Ghostbusters” (1984)
    Before there was a all-women reboot of “Ghostbusters,” fans hoped for a supplement to a strange and a sequel, 1989’s “Ghostbusters II.” Rumors floated around of a “Ghostbusters III” for years before Harold Ramis’ genocide in 2014. A third film in a strange smoothness was not to be, though that doesn’t meant there was never an attempt.


  • ghostbusters a video diversion film sequels

    “Ghostbusters: The Video Game” (2009)
    The closest thing to a long-awaited “Ghostbusters III” is a video game. Most of a strange expel returned to their roles, and Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd helped with a story and script. Players assimilated a organisation as a “rookie” fifth ghostbuster, revisiting locations from a cinema and exploring a story that continues a initial dual films.


  • chronicles of riddick 2004 video games cinema sequels

    “The Chronicles of Riddick” (2004)
    Vin Diesel incited his character, Richard B. Riddick, from executive David Twohy’s sci-fi fear film “Pitch Black” into a authorization with “Chronicles of Riddick.” The murderer-turned-anti-hero got some perplexing backstory, as he battled a death-worshiping, planet-invading space cult.


  • chronicles of riddick shun from grocer brook cinema games sequels stories

    “The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay” (2004)
    Vin Diesel worked closely with developer Starbreeze on “Escape from Butcher Bay,” a prequel to “Pitch Black.” Diesel and Twohy worked on a story for a game, that fills out Riddick’s backstory with a jail mangle discussed in “Pitch Black.”


  • the pattern reloaded 2003 video games cinema sequels wachowskis

    “The Matrix Reloaded” (2003)
    When a Wachowskis prepared their dual supplement cinema to 1999’s “The Matrix,” they combined an knowledge that enclosed several media. “The Animatrix” was a array of brief films that filled out a story of a world, for instance. The film also left some things infinite with side characters Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Ghost (Anthony Wong) that could be filled in with a tie-in video diversion “Enter a Matrix.”

    Warner Bros.

  • enter a pattern jada pinkett smith cinema sequels video games

    “Enter a Matrix” (2003)
    Players took partial in a story of “The Matrix Reloaded” by holding on a roles of possibly Niobe or Ghost. “Enter a Matrix” is full of live-action scenes with a actors, destined by a Wachowskis, that demeanour and feel like a full enlargement of a movie.

    Warner Bros. Interactive

  • the warriors 1979 cinema sequels video games

    “The Warriors” (1979)
    Gangs from all over New York attend a hulk meet-up where Cyrus, one of a gang’s leaders, proposes that together they outnumber military and could take over a city. When he’s assassinated, a trusting Warriors are blamed, ensuing in a night of combative as a patrol fights a approach behind to a home on Coney Island.


  • the warriors diversion cinema sequels video games

    “The Warriors” (2005)
    “Grand Theft Auto” developer Rockstar Games combined a diversion formed on a 1979 cult classical “The Warriors,” and it’s important for a fealty to a strange movie. It brings behind a strange expel to voice their roles again as a Warriors quarrel their approach opposite New York, and expands backstory of any of a gang’s members.

    Rockstar Games

  • jaws 4 a punish peerless cinema sequels video games

    “Jaws: The Revenge” (1989)
    By a time a “Jaws” authorization got to a fourth film, a frightening good white shark was somehow privately targeting a family of a one-time nemesis, Chief Brody (Roy Scheider). Once you’ve got a beast shark going after literal, intentional revenge, where do we go from there?


  • jaws unleashed cinema sequels video games

    “Jaws Unleashed” (2006)
    In “Jaws Unleashed,” we don’t play as a bad residents of Amity, New York, as they quarrel to get their beach behind — we play a shark, focussed on eating a accumulation of corporate folks as they try to set adult an oil refinery nearby a island. Not a good game, though a humorous take on a torpedo shark idea.


  • hard boiled john woo food yun-fat cinema video games sequels

    “Hard Boiled” (1992)
    Chow Yun-Fat starred in executive John Woo’s final Hong Kong movie, “Hard Boiled.” The story follows hard-drinking, gun-slinging Inspector “Tequila” Yuen, as he battles Hong Kong gangsters. While rumors of a supplement bounced around Hollywood about a decade ago, a film follow-up never materialized. 

    Golden Princess

  • strangehold cinema sequels video games

    “Stranglehold” (2007)
    John Woo and Chow Yun-Fat teamed adult again for “Stranglehold,” a central supplement to “Hard Boiled.” It attempts to interpret Woo’s “gun fu” or “bullet ballet” cultured from his cinema into a video diversion format. With another supplement to “Hard Boiled” apparently never materializing notwithstanding some rumors around 2009, “Strangehold” stays a usually central delay of a film’s story.


  • wanted 2008 james mcavoy morgan freeman angelina jolie cinema sequels video games

    “Wanted” (2008)
    Based loosely on a comic of a same name, “Wanted” sees white collar bureau worker Wesley (James McAvoy) unexpected anticipating out that he’s from a prolonged line of super-killers. Recruited by Fox (Angelina Jolie), he’s brought into a overlay of assassins who try to control a upsurge of tellurian history.

    Warner Bros.

  • wanted weapons of predestine cinema sequels video games

    “Wanted: Weapons of Fate” (2009)
    “Wanted” never got a film sequel, though a story was continued in video diversion form a year after a movie’s release. Jimmi Simpson of “Westworld” celebrity supposing a voice for McAvoy’s sense Wesley, with a diversion bringing some-more assassins from around a universe for him to battle, while it fills out a backstory of his father from a movie.

    Warner Bros. Interactive

  • from eve compartment emergence 1996 george clooney quentin tarantino cinema video games sequels

    “From Dusk Till Dawn” (1996)
    Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s film “From Dusk Till Dawn” starts out as a crime film before holding a tough left spin to turn a bloody vampire flick. It’s turn something of a cult classic, spawning a span of film sequels and even a series.


  • from eve compartment emergence cinema sequels video games

    “From Dusk Till Dawn” (2001)
    Before a film, continuations of “From Dusk Till Dawn” was a video diversion that directly followed a events of a 1996 film. Although it doesn’t occupy a correspondence or voice of George Clooney, it does follow his sense Seth Gecko, as he fights off a store of vengeance-seeking vampires, this time on a tanker boat for some reason.

    Warner Bros

  • scarface tony montana 1983 al pacino cinema video games sequels

    “Scarface” (1983)
    “Scarface” chronicles a arise of Cuban newcomer Tony Montana (Al Pacino) from transport bully to heroin kingpin. He’s also impossibly paranoid and violent, gunning down friends and family members when he perceives them as branch on him. All of it catches adult to Tony in a end, when a kill patrol sent by rivals takes Tony down in his mansion.


  • scarface a universe is yours cinema video diversion sequels

    “Scarface: The World is Yours” (2006)
    What if Tony Montana survived a climactic, cocaine-fueled conflict in his palace during a finish of 1983’s “Scarface”? That’s where a 2006 video diversion comes in. The diversion facilities Pacino’s correspondence for Tony though not his voice — a actor believed his voice had altered too most over a years, so he privately comparison Andre Sogliuzzo to take over a role. Other strange expel members, including Robert Loggia and Steven Bauer, uttered new characters in a game.


  • back to a destiny cinema sequels games concept marty mcfly michael j fox doc brownish-red christopher lloyd

    “Back to a Future” (1985)
    The strange “Back to a Future” trilogy wraps adult a flattering reasoning story of time transport shenanigans. Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) manages to get himself stranded in, and afterwards liberated from, 1985, save his son from jail in a future, and rescue Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) from certain doom in a Old West. It’s a trilogy that doesn’t unequivocally need a sequel, though afterwards again, everybody loves Marty and Doc.


  • back to a destiny revealing games cinema sequels video games

    “Back to a Future: The Game” (2010)
    Before it done a name for itself with a unusual instrumentation of “The Walking Dead” comic series, developer Telltale Games continued a story of “Back to a Future” over “Part 3.” The video diversion finds Marty roving all by Hill Valley’s history, interacting with a immature Doc Brown and incidentally altering the march of time to make a total chronicle of 1985. “Back to a Future” author Bob Gale helped with a story, though it’s eventually too disorderly to make as clever an sense as a films.

    Telltale Games

  • jurassic park video diversion sequels cinema revealing games

    “Jurassic Park” (1993)
    The classical Steven Spielberg thriller about a corporation, InGen, cloning dinosaurs to emanate a thesis park is a flattering parsimonious story, and a sequels indeed take place on a totally opposite island — a one where InGen had a dino counterpart factory. The cinema don’t revisit a strange island until “Jurassic World.”


  • jurassic park revealing games cinema sequels video games

    “Jurassic Park: The Game” (2011)
    Telltale took on another film supplement in video diversion form with “Jurassic Park: The Game,” a together story that takes place during a same time as a strange movie. The diversion follows a teenager sense from a film, veterinarian Gerry Harding, and a contacts Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) was ostensible to give his stolen dinosaur embryos. This supplement is mostly a possibility to revisit a 1993 film from a opposite viewpoint — and watch dinosaurs eat a few people.

    Telltale Games

  • aliens 1986 michael biehn james cameron cinema video games sequels

    “Aliens” (1986)
    In James Cameron’s supplement to Ridley Scott’s “Alien,” instead of a tiny organisation encountering a aliens, a whole cluster is taken down, and Ripley accompanies a organisation of marines to a world to find out what happened. Most of a marines are killed, and fans were famously unhappy when survivors Newt (Carrie Henn) and Hicks (Michael Biehn) were killed off-screen in “Alien 3.”


  • aliens colonial marines cinema sequels video games

    “Aliens: Colonial Marines” (2013)
    Like “Alien: Isolation,” “Aliens: Colonial Marines” adds some-more story between a existent “Alien” films. The diversion focuses on a sea rescue organisation that would have come to save a characters from a film. Of course, a marines find some-more aliens, and tellurian bad guys from a Weyland-Yutani corporation, usually to make awfully certain a diversion totally misses a indicate a film was making. But it does retcon “Alien 3” to save Hicks from his black off-screen death, so it’s not all bad.


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If we wish some-more of these movies, you’ll have to get good with a controller

Video games formed on cinema have a prolonged story of being terrible. But there are a few protected games that don’t usually float a coattails of successful films, they indeed enhance and supplement to them. Here are 12 video games that picked adult a torches for stories started on film.

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